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about our Two Worlds Labyrinth

Where? Here’s the Google Map Link View Celtic Ways in a larger map Situated on Carrowcrory lands, 5 km from Ballinafad postal village in Co. Sligo, Ireland, aligned to Brigid’s sunrise and facing the breast paps of Morrigan’s Mountain our Two Worlds labyrinth was constructed from Samhain 2008, and took me about 2 months to construct in between guided tours, weather and a wee boughts of flu. Our Two worlds circles within circles and tree wisdom labyrinth garden is very young but already abundant, blessed and spiritually vibrant. What? Our labyrinth is inspired by but transformed from ancient labyrinth designs to include relevance and reference to Celtic celebration traditions, the mating dance of sea birds, the four Celtic seasons, the trinity of union and continuity, and the ogham language of trees. Our seven circle labyrinth is symmetrical, inspired by the spring mating dance of seabirds. The human mating dance, probably inspired by these sea birds, at Bealtaine is similar. So far,

Finding Your Celtic Story From The Land

Your Celtic Story As Claire and I travelled English speaking lands of USA, Australia and New Zealand during the past 12 months most people wanted to share, or hopefully discover, something of their Celtic Stories. We met aborigines, Cherokee, Navajo and other tribal people who sought for stories from Ireland and Scotland, even Wales and England, to help them rebuild their culture that was watered down and sent down the drain during Colonial times. I find this is the same for everyone. The school system is a duplication of training that is a powerful brainwashing to prepare us to enter into a now worldwide economic structure that has evolved as the next stage after colonialism. The USA is a network of states that networked tribal nations to attempt to follow a duplicated constitution that is looked to as the leader of all thought and action. The EU is evolving the same way. The World is also evolving the same way with dreams of combining nations in Africa and South America. China and R

Review : Robin Williamson - Moytura on Moytura

After breakfast Robin commenced … Ever dear to me The silent place in the heart of hearts ever Where time began, begins and will begin Ever dear to me The silent place amid the holy mother of oceans in the land of souls where the gates of the world await who ever dares them Oh, May that primary silence be that source of the voice in me that I raise now in the name of the maker of all I make reverence to the ancestors and the spirits of the unborn as I begin May it bring good to whomsoever may here it This teaching tale from ancient Ireland This tale from the magic lower of Erin This tale of the Deeds of the Tuatha De Dannan The Bard Visits Robin Williamson, founder of The Incredible String Band in the 60s, Merry Band in the 70s, singer harpist troubadour in the 80s, storyteller and chief of the Order of Bards, Druids and Ovates in the 90s, and a combination of all these since the millennium …. came back to his Celtic roots to share a set of Gems Of Celtic Story, The Deeds of The Tuatha

Following The Animals

Today the cat is well A few days ago a neighbour’s cat was lying in a basket, sniffling and choking leaving us with a wonder of what was ailing the cat, was it just a cat flu, and how the ailment may develop. I may be wrong, but somehow I don’t think the cat was thinking those things. I would think the cat was fully aware of its condition and made the most of it, through each moment, calling upon all it could for strength and continuity. A few days later, the cat was up and about prowling around our garden labyrinth as if no illness had happened, and if it had, it was of the past and had no reference to the current action in the labyrinth. The cat, as usual, was living in the NOW… no grudges, no motives beyond the next minute or so, just experiencing life to the full with sense perceptions all alert, and I imagine a bit of inner contented fun too. Can we be like that cat?   Of all of the Celtic, and all shamanistic mythologies, I love the changeling stories the best. This is not exclus

The Messiah has arrived!

You are the Messiah you have been waiting for Today, I was quite taken by a short message posted by Facebook friend and fairly local Jonathan Pipe, as I could not agree more. Since US President Bill Clinton released the internet from the clutches of a closed network of military and universities and into the domain of every person on the planet, during the early 90s, the world has changed. During the last few years when the concept of internet forums married advances in digital multimedia, management of huge storage capacity and wider bandwidth of data transmission, this change has accelerated. The old world of human pyramid structures that control power and money structures and where each individual stands within this has been shaking and crumbling. At present, I cannot interpret how the current buy-out guzzling by Google, Yahoo, now Facebook, etc. will go towards control over this new platform of communicators, but change has truly happened through our cultures. Its seems nothing is e

Playing with Tumblr

A friend recommended blogging service One of a surge of multiple social network services that now seem to be offered daily, but this one did get my attention. It is advertised as being the easiest way to blog on the net but I quickly found that anyone who follows through with its quick to use defaults ends up with quite an ugly blog template. However I can see that folks who have a little CSS and HTML skill can tweak this service with far greater ease than with the other social blog services out there such as Blogger and Wordpress and so far I have not found any restrictions with using code, but I have not begun my tweaking yet so I’m writing from observations. I use BlogJet to post my blogs onto Blogger and have not checked to see if it can post onto Tumblr yet. If not, it will not be long before they update this software to do this. However, I am not worried as the blog composing and editing utility on Tumblr is so easy to use and much, much better than on Blogger. Tumblr

Our Ireland Vacation now lower cost, again!

All thanks to Ballaghboy Lodge We have just had two small groups enjoying guided tours around our sacred sites and fun things like our donkey sanctuary and labyrinth garden. What I believe has turned this into a fabulous vacation is our local farm accommodation, Ballaghboy Lodge with outstanding hospitality kindness and good food from Karen and Eddie. Our folks have wanted to stay longer than the 2 or 3 nights they booked. Before they arrive, folks just think there could not be enough to do here for more than a day. Once here, they are surprised by all that we have to offer along with their own experience of growing peace and relaxation while staying here. Its a vacation here!   Its also real Ireland here! The Vacation Deal Karen and Eddie have just offered me an wonderful dinner, bed and breakfast rate that I can integrate into our guide and teaching services, touring transport, retreat facilities, activities and now popular picnic lunches. There’s also our Celtic Bards School option

Women Love Facebook & Blogs, Why?

Interesting article on Web Pro News  of women’s current online habits I took a lot of interest this May 9 th article because 80% of our touring and retreat clients are women so we have to know where they read. One clear trend is women’s mass exodus from traditional printed media to online media. One surprise to me was that though women are about 50% of the population they now handle about 85% of all buying decisions. Though there are jokes about shopaholic women I personally find women are generally extremely shrewd value for money, quality for money shoppers, so I should not be surprised at this purchasing statistic. Men may still lead with attracting revenue but women seem to still lead with how this revenue is handled. Not much has changed since primitive times, though I hasten to add this is not clear cut considering the many super revenue attracting women out there along with some very shrewd resource management men. Its good to have these modern freedoms to be what we can be. Po