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Clare Island Music & Dance

I thought you may like this, some spontaneous music and sean nos dancing during a beautiful sunny Sunday morning by the quay on Clare Island, Co. Mayo, Ireland  

Falconry At Ashford Castle

There are mixed opinions about this but I think this is quite an incredible trusting relationship between men and birds. We had a wonderful afternoon with these birds yesterday.  

Turning The Tide through Summer Solstice

Summer Solstice is a big day in Ireland, or should I say June 21st as most of the celebrations tend to fix to that date no matter what the real solstice date is. This year June 21st lands on a Saturday, a time of several major and intense sports matches so dates of celebration during this time have scattered. The real Summer Solstice, or Midsummer, or Litha (a Saxon name now adopted by modern neo-pagans) date was June 20th this year. It was a beautiful evening and I was kicking myself as I have a backlog of admin to do for upcoming tours, and missed it. Augha Killy Maude mummers of Upper Lough Erne, Fermanagh held their celebrations last night too along with their colourful folk drama guests from Bulgaria. I was kicking myself even harder the night before on June 19 th , because at the point of sunset the full moon rose. What a sight that may have been at Carrowkeel !!!  It was a clear night too.  I think that only happens once ever 19 years by Midsummer, and that happening on a clear