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Ireland's Tree Week 2014 & 9 other recent stories

The Sound of Trees' 'Fuaim na gCrann' That is the National Tree Week of Ireland theme this year, which I find is potentially beautiful. Yes, National Tree Week is upon us again, due to start Sunday 2nd March, but one or two events have chosen Saturday 1st March. Each year the Tree Council of Ireland rustle up volunteers throughout all 26 counties of the Republic Of Ireland to register and arrange local activities connected to trees and forests. The activities most promoted are tree planting, as this is coming to the end of the bare root tree planting season, education about trees to include identification, and relationships to fungi, shrubs, flowers, mammals, birds, insects and ourselves. This is also a time to reflect on how trees, woods and forests are vital for our life and survival and how our own well being and health protection is made possible by being among trees, tree medicine. This year, the main them reflects on the 'music' of tree, whi

The Celtic Ways Collection

What is Celtic Ways today? That's a big question for me this Spring As always, I seem to have my attention on many things and many projects, no matter how much I am determined to cut out from my life ... to wishful think I am making it simple. is hosted on what is now an 'old fashioned' web server using 'old fashioned' code and I find myself not being bothered to update it. I have carried the Celtic Ways name for almost 40 years now. Shall I let go of it? I have had good financial offers for the name, but none of those offers have come from Facebook, Google, Yahoo etc. No 14 billion dollar takeover offer for me. It's tour companies who want it. Celtic Ways started as my writing name, then publishing name, retreats name, celtic music name, sacred sites tourism name, then back to retreats, workshops and sort of publishing name again. I have just looked at the ridiculous list of blogs I have running online, at present. They a