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Low Cost Ireland Experience Vacation from USA

8 Day Ireland Vacation $920 and Aer Lingus USA to Ireland under $600 return First, just looked it up, Aer Lingus flights from USA to Ireland through April and May are still below $600 return on many days, and this is an all in price including taxes and charges.  Its easy to book Aer Lingus online Here’s the latest on our current  Two Worlds of Ireland package 3 days and 3 nights based in Co. Sligo but stay longer if you wish. Accommodation is in a local eco farm cottage or cabin and you decide your itinerary each day. This is an Ireland Experience Vacation giving you the opportunity to fully experience Ireland's culture, mythology, legends and spirituality rather than race around site spotting, taking endless photos, getting exhausted and wondering where you have been. You can commence this vacation on any day, all year round We do not have a set itinerary but will provide you with a daily  morning menu of tours, activities, retreats and workshops that all present can choose to do

Our new Two Worlds Of Ireland vacation

First, this vacation is flexible … stay with us 3 to 7 nights Your accommodation will be Ballaghboy Lodge Eco Farm The each day We do not serve a fixed itinerary but a menu served with your breakfast so that you choose what we do for the day. Share our Two Worlds Labyrinth : We recommend that on your arrival or during your first morning in Co. Sligo you share our Two Worlds Labyrinth Garden . This is wonderful for affirming disconnection from your working world that you have come from and connection to a true vacation that is to inspire and restore you. We aim to serve you a vacation that enables you to return to your working world with new vigour, courage, focus and enthusiasm. Sacred Sites choices : Carrowkeel Cairns 5500 year old womb like structures in mystical landscape with many alignments and a view of over a third of Ireland on a clear day. Cheis (pronounced “kaysh” Caves of Keash Hill, Morrigan's mountain where the story and tradition of Bhride, Brigid, commenced and wher

Celebrating Brigid Of Kildare

I write this on Sunday February 1st This is the day when most people are celebrating their Brigid’s Day, especially with its lovely convenience of being on a Sunday. I wonder how many made their new Brigid’s crosses today or left out their ribbons and small cloaks over Saturday night to collect and cherish the dew soaked into them? How many left milk and Brigid’s Bread on the outdoor window sill to feed the passing Brigid and her White Cow? How many women were up overnight with their candles for Brigid and Brideog Dolls? As this day is fixed to a Roman Calendar day I tend to feel this is a day to honour the original Brigid of Kildare, founder of the Kildare Monastery, the Cill Dara. Finding a Calendar for Bhride I tend to focus on the more ancient traditions based on a more ancient calendar based on Sidereal Time. Without going into the complex maths, Sidereal time is a measure of the position of the Earth during its rotation around its axis which is very close to, but not identical to