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Join The Presence Gathering Of Worldwide Traditions, Tomorrow, Sunday

Could you please join us for just 10 minutes tomorrow, Sunday March 30th? Claire Roche and I have concluded our USA performance tour by being present at the Spiritual Director’s International Conference in Washington DC. This has been a wonderful event that we will share in later blogs. We invite you to gather your friends, family and faith communities around the world to pause for a short time and join us as a worldwide community. In recognition of the many faith traditions that have been, and still are, represented through Spiritual Directors International we are calling our friends around the world to join us during our closing ritual celebration of the Spiritual Director’s Conference at Washington DC . We will observe ten minutes of prayerful silence to enter into the Presence of the loving kindness and compassion that transforms as faith crosses all traditions. The exact time of this is between 12:30 to 12:40 pm Eastern Daylight Time tomorrow, Sunday March 30th We invite you to fi

Review from our current USA show tour

About our show in Urbana IL a couple of days ago "The harp concert featured Claire Roche (harpist, harper, and singer) and John of Celtic Ways (storyteller). Claire played both folk harp (the large kind that sits on the floor, and is played by a harper) and orchestral harp (the gigantic carved and gilded kind that also sits on the floor, and is played by a harpist). In fact, the grand finale involved playing both at once! Her music was warm and mellow, with a magical ambiance that fills the available space. (Or what space was left between the people: we packed that little store wall-to-wall.) She sang in English and Gaelic. I love the delicate gliding vowels of Irish-flavored English and of Gaelic. Ordinary pronunciation guides don't really do them justice; you have to hear the real thing. So at the first break I scurried forth and bought two of her three CDs, and then later Doug bought the third one. Favorite songs from the performance included "The Rose of Tralee,"