Playing with Tumblr

A friend recommended blogging service

One of a surge of multiple social network services that now seem to be offered daily, but this one did get my attention.

It is advertised as being the easiest way to blog on the net but I quickly found that anyone who follows through with its quick to use defaults ends up with quite an ugly blog template.

However I can see that folks who have a little CSS and HTML skill can tweak this service with far greater ease than with the other social blog services out there such as Blogger and Wordpress and so far I have not found any restrictions with using code, but I have not begun my tweaking yet so I’m writing from observations.

I use BlogJet to post my blogs onto Blogger and have not checked to see if it can post onto Tumblr yet. If not, it will not be long before they update this software to do this. However, I am not worried as the blog composing and editing utility on Tumblr is so easy to use and much, much better than on Blogger.

Tumblr provides fast and easy multimedia posting, hosting and archiving

What could make Tumblr huge, and its already very popular, is its dashboard of many media options that appear to be so, so easy to use and could attract millions of people seeking simple and free audio, video and chat hosting. Audio can be uploaded, one track a day, YouTube videos can be embedded and Tumblr has a direct hook up with Vimeo video service. I think folks will invent all kinds of ways to mix and match to create very imaginative blogs that are truly broadcasting clips.

Blogs written and hosted from other services can be fed in too.

No direct posting onto Facebook, Blogger or other services, which is a disadvantage but I am sure these hook ups are coming soon, but it does post automatically onto Twitter 

The directory service for searching for blogs under search categories and keywords is cool.

Though Tumbler provides a secondary domain name easily it is also easy to configure in one of your own unique domain names. I directed my domain to it. As I write the Tumblr tester says I have it configured right but it has not propagated around the net to work yet

My future using Tumblr?

Not sure. For me it seems to be useful as a service for distributing notes and multimedia clips that are too large for Facebook and Twitter posting but may not be of rich enough content for something like Blogger or Wordpress. It could sit in between as a useful notification service.

As it does not automatically post a headline on my Facebook Wall is a serious downside for me, but I am sure that will come very, very soon.

Also today I read from blogs that Facebook are about to launch live video and some more enhanced multimedia tools and configuration options which may dampen what Tumblr offers here.

Priority for me is trying to keep up to date on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, my blog and my web site, and now Artist Data. Though Tumblr is one of the best of the new social media services I have seen recently I just may not find the time to handle it, yet I hope I will.

and for my starter, which does not look great, if it has propagated to your servers,







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