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Weaving Brigid Into Your Life

3 day workshop February 5 th , 6 th , 7th Capture the first of the new blooming Spring with a few days of appreciation of the spirit of nature through the tradition of Brigid guidance. Explore the sacred sites of Bride, share the crafts of Brigid, and join in the sharing of her teachings through our labyrinth, songs, poetry, stories, harp music and quiet reflection Friday: Exploration of the earliest reverence of Bride, of Brigid : Ceis Coarran Mountain and caves, Morrigan’s mountain through which Bride was born and fertilised the land Carrowkeel Cairns and viewpoint of references to the coming of Brigid each year through the arrival of the whooper (Brigid) swans and how that ancient symbolism is still so sacred with so many people today without knowing this most ancient of traditions (I will also repeat this day on Monday February 8 th for those who cannot attend on the 5 th ) Saturday The crafts of Brigid : Introduction to her four colleges of instruction, through demonstration use