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The Last Blog Here - But Not The Last Blog

Well into 2015 now and Claire and I, John aka Woodland Bard, wish you a blessed, happy and healthy 2015. Its been awhile since I have posted blog posts here, and when I do they are general news blogs lately New Blog ...  Almost Daily Blog This is something I started, I think, January 2nd. Its a great place for me to huddle the news and links of the day relevant to what we do. It certainly contains latest news before it even appears on my other sites and blogs You can subscribe to it for email delivery too. Click for the Almost Daily Blog, and look through back issues too I have posted items related to Sustainable Living, Permaculture, Food Forests, Global Warming, Writing, Poetry, Music, Picnics, Labyrinths, plus some tree and forest stuff. So please have a look at that  and subscribe for the email updates Closing This Blog I do not think I will be posting blog updates here in future. and now this site will be dedicated to the development of my &#