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Hello, we've moved - Links to where we are now

After a server change earlier this year, I have actually attached Celtic to a redundant blog site of mine, but will get some better heading art here soon.
Meanwhile ...

... this is a hub page to get you to what we do here from Carrowcrory, Co.Sligo in Ireland

Carrowcrory Cottage & Labyrinth Gardens

We host Sunday Sessions here in our Labyrinth Gardens on a catalogue of topics including Ogham, Sidhe, Aislings, Green Men, Sheela na gigs, Holy Wells, Serpent folklore, Harpers and Bards folklore, Fairy Lore, Apple and Avalon folklore, Sensing Herbs, and other subjects, including Labyrinth Walking, of course.

Claire Roche, Songs, Stories, and Harps

Claire performs here at Carrowcrory Cottage and other venues. From this site you can catch up on her events, recordings and live performance videos.

Woodland Bard

That's me, John Willmott, who became nicknamed Woodland Bard by the attendees of Bards In The Woods. Here you will find my books, other media, and blog posts of tales.

Us …