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Carrowkeel, Co. Sligo

Introduction to Carrowkeel, Co Sligo Carrowkeel, Co. Sligo is a townland on the northern part of the Bricklieve (Breac Shliabh) Mountains and is home to the remains of 14 stone age passage cairns, three of which can be entered into comfortably. There were probably many more here. Through online social sites, especially through Facebook and YouTube you will often read and hear me refer to Carrowkeel and the cairns from a mythological approach, especially around Summer Solstice, when the setting sun lights up two of the cairns. I regard a visit to Carrowkeel as a wonderful extension of our daily Afternoons At Carrowcrory and our Celtic Dreamtime weekends that we host four times a year. Our mythological approach, which includes stories of Morrigan, Bride, Brigid, Lugh, Lugah, the Swans of Bride and alignments is only one of several ways this area is viewed and explored. Historians visit here to follow up their learning of stone age and bronze age discoveries. The archaeology of the place

Anam Cara Love Does Not Need A Name

A Sound Accord teacher friend, Gabrielle brought my attention to a beautiful writing on a web page of Tony Crowley. His writing is his interpretation of Anam Cara, a Gaelic term of “Soul Friend” This was shared with a group of wonderful people who toured Ireland together and have remained close friends since, with a few reunions too. I was immediately drawn to respond to this, and this is what I wrote … Why love does not need a name When folks arrive in Ireland, I now try to encourage each visitor to use our labyrinth garden for a ritual of connection to their soul friend, no matter how they identify it. It does not matter whether its their Christ, their angel, their well visioned guide or even their friend, like Harvey, from the James Stewart movie of 1950/51 time. I have always established this to be important due to my own childhood experience. When my mother passed on when i was 4 years old my father re-married quickly. Though my new step mot

I think this is what "Free" means

I enjoy using Facebook I like to use Facebook for posting short comment blogs, photos and linking to my YouTube videos. Being social, I especially like Facebook for reading, viewing and listening to what others have to post and sometimes this spontaneously erupts into lively debate. I learn a lot from what is posted on Facebook. It seems there is a constant protest over protection of information posted, and the possibility that Facebook will introduce a fee for using their services. To me this shows a possible misguided interpretation of what a free internet service is about. It’s actually no different to the operation of a free offline service. If we use something for “free” we become a product I believe the core Facebook service will always be free, because of its ever expanding advertising revenue. What makes advertising on Facebook attractive. Why are businesses diverting their advertising budgets away from newspapers, magazines, television and even away from Google and directing