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Healthy Update at Carrowcrory

As many readers here will know I had a stroke a few weeks ago That kept me in hospital for over 2 weeks, but I was lucky. Celtic Dreamtime and Celtic Ways will carry on, but there will be essential changes and some very nice new projects being launched,to more than compensate what I now have to back down from. Recovery :-) Though I entered hospital quite paralysed, a Christopher Reeves experience, my back and right side recovered mobility within 24 hours, my left arm within 2 days, and left leg in about 5 days, with toes wiggling after a week. Speech was not impaired but memory was, and I am still needing to train my short term memory but it is improving fast. Its the first time in my life since I was about 6 years old that I have been on a course of medications, lots of them, though they are now greatly reduced to three medications a day. However, these drugs do seem have effects as my body does not have a clue about how to handle them i think. Fortunately these effects are getting le