Women Love Facebook & Blogs, Why?

Interesting article on Web Pro News of women’s current online habits

I took a lot of interest this May 9th article because 80% of our touring and retreat clients are women so we have to know where they read.

One clear trend is women’s mass exodus from traditional printed media to online media.

One surprise to me was that though women are about 50% of the population they now handle about 85% of all buying decisions. Though there are jokes about shopaholic women I personally find women are generally extremely shrewd value for money, quality for money shoppers, so I should not be surprised at this purchasing statistic. Men may still lead with attracting revenue but women seem to still lead with how this revenue is handled. Not much has changed since primitive times, though I hasten to add this is not clear cut considering the many super revenue attracting women out there along with some very shrewd resource management men. Its good to have these modern freedoms to be what we can be.

Politics aside the Web Pro News article revealed a survey as showing that women love blogs and Facebook but are not so keen on Twitter. We all see a lot of women on Twitter but in this survey it seems only 20% use Twitter compared to 53% that use Facebook or something similar and over 50% use blogs

The kicker here is that women tend to totally separate how they respond to social media and how they respond to blogs.

The survey found that 75% of the women who use Facebook, and similar, purely use them for social exchange rather than as information sources and nearly all of these women desire all of their social exchange, such as chat, photos, video, games, music, to be under one network, which Facebook serves very well. 

For information and buying decisions women love blogs, more than 64% of them in this survey!!,

In short, the trend seems to be

women use social media to keep in touch

women use blogs for information, making decisions and doing business

45% of women said they made buying decisions based on a blog post

70% of women trust blog info above all others

It seems 80% of women cannot identify how they can either intimately keep in touch or acquire useful information from Twitter.

This survey was taken from the results of 2,821 women in the general USA population, 1,008 women in the BlogHer network, and 788 women in the iVillage network.

This is an important survey for me, as I have a business that attracts women as my majority clients and has caused to to re-think about my content in future blogs and Facebook posts so that they are useful to these majority women readers.

How important is this survey for what you do?



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