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Haunted Ireland

A Fast Growing Tourism Interest in Ireland
A few weeks ago I wrote a blog article called “New Church Of Guardian Angels” outlining a new trend amongst the dying Irish Pub culture where several pubs are trying new ways to create income such as having psychic, healing and meditation nights and events, and even fairs.
Now there is a new fast growing tourism culture that is exploring Ireland’s ancestors and “ghosts”.
A couple of days ago I met up with Simon Gold, who is quite a celebrity psychic in Ireland. He knows of the work of my psychic and healing family elders, when they were alive, and was interested in finding out if I am following their footsteps as well as finding out how Celtic Ways tours and vacations may integrate into some of the services he now operates.
About Simon Gold, psychic
Simon Gold of Psychics Ireland now leads quite a network of psychics, astrologers, and angel guides, that practice and are presented through an assortment of venues in many countries in addition to Ire…

Marc Gunn, Bard

Here’s a raw You Tube video of Marc’s performance, great fun!
At last, I have met Marc Gunn, a self appointed and deservedly named “bard” from outside of Austin TX, USA.
I have known Marc, by internet, for many years, must be at least 8 years, maybe 10 years. Marc is part of a popular duo called Brobdingnagian Bards who have a fan base following of many thousands due to being pioneers in producing and marketing their music in MP3 format since the late 90s.
Their music seemed to be initially inspired by the imagery of “Lord Of The Rings” and then medieval legends and tales. This quickly led to a fascination for Scottish music at Marc’s Gunn name is of a very active Scottish clan. It did not take long for the Brodingnagian Bards to create arrangements for Irish songs too.
The instrumentation of Brobdingnagian Bards is quite unique as Marc plays autoharp, a beautiful sounding instrument that looks like a portable hammer dulcimer that one hand plays like a harp while the other hand plays a bo…