The Messiah has arrived!

You are the Messiah you have been waiting for

Today, I was quite taken by a short message posted by Facebook friend and fairly local Jonathan Pipe, as I could not agree more.

Since US President Bill Clinton released the internet from the clutches of a closed network of military and universities and into the domain of every person on the planet, during the early 90s, the world has changed.

During the last few years when the concept of internet forums married advances in digital multimedia, management of huge storage capacity and wider bandwidth of data transmission, this change has accelerated.

The old world of human pyramid structures that control power and money structures and where each individual stands within this has been shaking and crumbling.

At present, I cannot interpret how the current buy-out guzzling by Google, Yahoo, now Facebook, etc. will go towards control over this new platform of communicators, but change has truly happened through our cultures. Its seems nothing is entrenched anymore and many people are scared of this.

A person at the keys or voice of a pc, apple, laptop, iphone, blackberry, mobile phone, cell phone, is suddenly in command of many things that they were deprived of due to entrenched power of them by the few. People can do things a lot cheaper too such as book vacations online, download music, videos and text, and create media for others to share. These tasks and more have taken so much control from few, and its also taken a lot of paid jobs away, but I feel this is only temporary.

John O’Donohue said, “everyone is a priest”, Jonathan Pipe said “you are the Messiah you have been waiting for”, and I say “everyone is a bard” and all these things made so possible online.

I like this change

The human pyramid power structures and their aligned money structures thrive on predictability and control and starve and crumble without them. This is why CEOs of newspapers, record companies, movie studios etc., even the school and education systems, try to lecture us about how the internet is destroying our quality of life, our quality of communication and so called focusing on trivia rather than issues of the world.

The truth is the Internet is a problem for “them” and not for us. They try so, so hard to convince us of the harm that the internet will do for us. Religious leaders will also condemn the internet as their congregations become exposed to stories, writings and teachings of other leaders of faith. Fortunately, many religious leaders have also wonderfully embraced this mixing of faiths when they recognise its power of creating tolerance and peace.

There are very debatable concerns, especially by parents, as it is now possible for their children to learn multiple positions for having sex when before many children did not know how to kiss before they were 18 years old. I’ll not enter this debate on this posting other than to say this new freedom, to me, opens up the challenge for parents to share love and encouragement with their children so that when they are exposed to loveless images online they make the right choices in the way they respond. I feel this is even more important when exposed to violence online.  A simple lesson may be “if it truly hurts someone physically, mentally and psychically then its to be avoided”, but this is not clear cut, another article ….. 

I just love how “The Internet” is driving the “powers that be” absolutely crazy as it opens up everyone to new glimmers of hope, new true friendships and outlets for expression, creativity, teaching, learning and love that they can be in charge of and not ask for permission or ask requests to others, “elders”, due to “strict orders”. 

For quite some time to come, people in governments, entertainment, newspapers, education and churches will demand and try to capture this new Wild West of Internet and reform it into something orderly and controlled, just like in Colonial times. This is because order and control creates an immensely profitable pipeline for a chosen few.

Rather than a world of pyramids, towers and spires I see the internet has become a place where individuals network and a “clan” is as good as it serves. It is no longer as good as it controls.

Even the Borg like enterprises like Google and Facebook are now only as good as the people they serve. We have already jumped over the years through AOL forums, Yahoo Groups, MySpace and now Facebook is the big social meeting place, but Facebook is only as good as it can serve us. It cannot control us. Google know this too and is tempting us more with the easy advantages of their takeovers.

Sadly, these online dinosaurs have to find ways to collectively collect our cash to survive as they are under the strings of the former pyramid power venture capitalists. If we like them I believe we have to pay them a bit somehow, but retain our freedom to leave when we want.

When you are next told the internet is bad, what authority has that person over your choice?  

The internet allow you to share yourself as the Messiah you have been waiting for

…. seeking how you can network to serve others rather than lure them into a structure you can control.

The stories of Christ, Moses, Mohammed etc. were, at their roots, about their sharing of love and service. Now online everyone can do the same, have the freedom to do the same, in their name and not in the names of these great people.    

Will you now be your Messiah online?

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