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The Other Burren

Most visitors to Ireland include "The Burren", Co. Clare, on their list of places to go due to due to its unique moonlike limestone surface that glows white in the sun. Try walking over this landscape !!!! Burren is actually quite a common name around Ireland as it simply means "rocky place". During Friday and Saturday last week I visited our own local wonder called "The Burren" on the west of Co. Cavan and symbolically on the North and Republic border near the small border town of Blacklion, about 45 mins drive from Sligo and, surprisingly, about 80 mins from Keash where I live. I am surprised this Burren is not on everyone's "must do" list of things to do in Ireland, especially as its main feature is the spring that is the source of The Shannon. That alone is a beautiful and quite spiritually awaking place. I was inspired to go there through the incredible photos of Mike Bunn, who's past work has mainly been with fashion models and rock

The Harp That Once Through Tara's Halls

--------------------- The Question --------------------- Claire Roche added The famous Thomas Moore poem-song to her live performances this year, and someone asked her to explain what "The Harp" was. Since then Claire has asked me, a few times, if I knew anything about the "Harp Of Tara". Well, for one, there was a silent movie made with that title in 1914. I would love to see a copy. Recently, as regular readers will have read, I am currently compiling the upcoming Celtic Ways Turas Journeys, i.e. themed day tours with a compilation of routes, scenes, stories, re-enactments, music, poetry and art These include "Following Columcille" and "Following The Tuatha De Dannan" Interestingly, I have discovered that "The Harp That Once Through Tara's Halls" has a connection to these two Turas tours and connections to where we currently live at Keash by the Keash Caves which are part of the Ceis Corran mountain. ---------------------------