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Our December 2013 News

Hello everyone, its been awhile since sending you some news What are Claire and I doing? ... Since last writing to you I have been very busy with Bards In The Woods, writing Ogma's Tale Of The Trees, and d rafts are also ready for Bathing In The Fae's Breath and Tales From The Labyrinth, so all of this will become a trilogy. Claire has been working with me to record and Ogma's Tale Of The Trees musical, I suppose we can call it. Claire is also working on her upcoming untiled CD of songs with piano, and continues to perform with her harps to groups at both Woodford House in Dublin and Carrowcrory Cottage in Co. Sligo For those of you visiting Ireland we still offer our very popular Afternoon At Carrowcrory We are also setting up Live From Woodford House performances through Concert Window So allow me tell you more about these ...   Ogma's Tale Of The Trees ...   Written and recorded, I am now busy editing both a 200 page book and 120 minutes of