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Mind, Body, Spirit, Retreats and Annfn

Hello everyone

Three items in our current news to share with you today
In Ireland? Mind, Body, Spirit & Yoga Festival If you are in Dublin, or can get to Dublin this weekend, a Mind, Body,Spirit and Yoga festival in happening through Saturday, Sunday and Monday, yes, Monday included as it is holiday weekend.

Claire Roche is performing, and I join in a bit too, plus we are at stand 88, close to the performance area, so please come along and say Hello :-)

Opening times appear to be 11 am until 7 pm with a 6 pm finish on Monday

Performance times are

Saturday - 3:30 and 5:40
Sunday - 2:00 and 5:20
Monday - 1:15 and 3:35 then join in close at 5:30

click here for the event page for information and some pics

Look out for these banners at Stand 8. I will explain these within a later newsletter

Our USA tour through March and April 2015
Many thanks to those who have helped us to compile this tour so far. Some great gigs have come together.

One gig that is going to be an adventure is Annwfn up…

USA Tour 2015 & Last Bards In The Woods 2014

Hello everyone

Two items in our current news I would like to share with you today.

In Ireland, Last Bards In The Woods this year

Autumn colours are at their best right now, this year
and Hazelwood, Sligo, is a wonderful place to see this.
2 pm meet up, this coming Sunday, 19th October

click here for the event page for information and some pics

Our USA Tour, March-April 2015

Hello everyone who lives in the West of USA or knows people there,
could you help us assemble our tour?

Claire Roche, songs,stories and harps
and some stories and compositions with both of us

Below is a list of the dates and towns planned.
Offers to perform within these towns,
or within 50 miles of these towns, are of interest.

We arrive in San Francisco March 26th 2015,
but it takes a few days to get used to the rented harp,
rented vehicle, new props, and to rehearse a bit of what we will do.

We will perform in San Francisco March 30th,
then get on the road after that

please click here to message me if you can help


First quick October News

Hello everyone

I was trying to get the full month's news to you this evening, but its not going to happen, but for those of you in Ireland right now I must tell you about a lovely Bards In The Woods even tomorrow, Sunday 12th October, at 2 pm.

This is at Kilronan Woods, by the beautiful Lough Meelagh, meet at the surreal fairy house style Gate House

and we will go to the 'View Of The World' peninsula

with autumn colour trees and a beautiful sunny day forecasted. 2 pm meet up.

click here for the event page for information and some pics

I will aim to get the rest of the new news to you during next week.

In this news will be ...
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