Review : Robin Williamson - Moytura on Moytura

After breakfast Robin commenced …

Robin Williamson at our Two Worlds labyrinth gardenEver dear to me
The silent place in the
heart of hearts ever
Where time began, begins
and will begin

Ever dear to me
The silent place amid
the holy mother of oceans
in the land of souls where the
gates of the world await
who ever dares them

Oh, May that primary silence
be that source of the voice in me
that I raise now in the name of the maker of all

I make reverence to the ancestors
and the spirits of the unborn as I begin
May it bring good to whomsoever may here it

This teaching tale from ancient Ireland
This tale from the magic lower of Erin
This tale of the Deeds of the Tuatha De Dannan

The Bard Visits

The cottage and lodge of our Celtic Bards SchoolRobin Williamson, founder of The Incredible String Band in the 60s, Merry Band in the 70s, singer harpist troubadour in the 80s, storyteller and chief of the Order of Bards, Druids and Ovates in the 90s, and a combination of all these since the millennium …. came back to his Celtic roots to share a set of Gems Of Celtic Story, The Deeds of The Tuatha De Dannan, on the ancient sites of Moytura, Co. Sligo, where most of his set of stories actually happened. 

This event was also launching our Celtic Bards School, a place where anyone can learn from the bards, become bards, and be led to those ancient silent places in the lands of souls who are always open to engage, inspire and restore those who visit them.

The Journey to Moytura

As we were not a Lough Corrib, the first tales were told from the hearth of our cottage

The Dwellers of Ancient Times

The First Battle Of Moytura

The Birth Of Bres The Beautiful

and from our Two Worlds labyrinth garden Diancecht, Miach and the 365 herbs of healing

Lugh's Seat on MoyturaOnto Lugh’s Seat above Moytura

On our way to Lugh’s seat was a stop to the vulva caves of Morrigan, on the end of Ceis Coarran Mountain, then a stop by a bridge of a beautiful part of the River Unshin, Morrigan’s River, where a family of two swans with nine cygnets huddled together and fed.

Robin shared his tale of Dagda and the Morrigan, and the bed of Morrigan that conceived the Birth Of Bhride.

Soon, along a winding road hill rising above and away the Lough Arrow, from the waters of Morrigan, named after her daughter Bhride, the Fiery Arrow, we parked to hike the remainder of our climb.

Towering over the 360 degree vista around where Lugh once watched the battle of Moytura raise to victory and from where he spied the approaching Balor of The Evil Eye.

All of Moytura and the mystical landscapes clearly seen around. Robin was clearly moved by being there.

Robin Williamson sharing stories of Lugh of the Tuatha De Dannan on Lugh's Seat, MoyturaThe spirit of Lugh’s Seat fired burning spirit through every cell and vibration of Robin Williamson as he passionately shared and engaged us in his stories of

The Birth Of Lugh

Lugh at the Gates of Tara

and the Kingship of Lugh The Lamh Fada, the long arm.

We were all moved and lifted to a state of fearlessness and joy. After the tales shared a silent glimpse and pastel colours of the lakes and mountains that surrounded us through this special moment of being passed through a circle of time and back again.

The Well Of Dian Cecht and Lake Of The Eye

Hole of Balor's Eye in an empty Lough na Sool, Moytura, Co. SligoRobin reminded us of the Formorians each carrying a stone to not only fill Diancecht’s well but created a mount over it too. After some time of quiet in this cairns surrounded of daises and other wild flowers.

Robin then shared with us some tales of Dagda

Dagda and the Porridge

Dagda and the daughter of Indech

We then moved onto Lough na Sool, the lake of the eye, where Balor’s Eye fell, created a hole in the earth and up spouted a lake. We could see over to Lugh’s Seat where we had come from  

From here Robin shared with us the full tale of

The Second Battle Of Moytura

The Stanes Of Samhain, The Eglone Stone

Our last site of Moytura was a line of huge volcanic stones that locals call Balor’s Teeth, but storytellers call the Stones Of Samhain, and each Halloween some people still celebrate around its largest pillar shaped stone, The Eglone Stone

Here Robin completed his final tale of The Deeds Of The Tuatha De Dannan,

The Stone of Destiny

Robin Williamson at the grave of Turlough O'CarolanFarewell To Music

As a thank-you to Robin we completed the journey at the remains of Kilronan Abbey where bard, Turlough O’Carolan lays to rest. Here Robin had a quiet moment and played two of O’Carolan’s tunes on his harp with passion and gratitude

Loftus Jones

Farewell To Music

For Robin this was a moving thanks you to the spirit of a past bard that had guided him

A few of the travellers finished with some quiet time by Lasir’s well of vision before we set off to share a picnic lunch at our Celtic Bard’s School cottage.

Bringing Moytura To The Present


After lunch Robin led us through an afternoon of symbols workshop, which included a very detailed mythological formation of the Celtic Cross and a very moving meditation. I usually groan when people ask us to close their eyes and be led into meditation but Robin Williamson does this so, so remarkably well! We were all taken to another place and back again.

We then took a two hour evening meal break, though many of our travellers had to return as some were from Achill Island, Connemara and Belfast. Robin and his driver, went for a hidden pub meal while the rest of us went to Ballaghboy Lodge.

We returned to the cottage for an evening intimate concert, where more folks joined us.

…… and the concert to finish

Robin Williamson in Concert by the hearth in our Celtic Bards cottageWe shared a long very entertaining story, with harp music,  of more story of  Conal Croppy

A song on harp, I think called “Doolin Shore”

On guitar Robin then performed

“Just Like A River”

“Jordan Is A Hard Road”

“Loan Of A Glass Of Beer”

“The Fair”

“Billy And The Scrapper”

Wow!  Quite a full, stunning 12 hour day! much better and much more fulfilling than I ever expected.

Would you like to become a bard or share ancient inspirational sites with bards?

Find out about out Celtic Bards School

Gems of celtic story three


You can purchase, from us,

Gems Of Celtic Story – Vol. Three

A Tale of The Deeds of the Tuatha De Dannan

told by Robin Williamson

€ 12:00 



Here’s a video of our day with Robin Williamson, sharing Moytura On Moytura 




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