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Celtic Dreamtime Samhain 2009

This passing of celtic year with Celtic Ways and Claire Roche First, these images on the right were taken at Loughcrew Cairn T during Solar Samhain Sunrise 5 years ago Usually we have a wonderful traditional Halloween and Samhain gathering in Co. Sligo, but as much as we have tried its not going to happen is such a public way as during other years. A lot of this is due to larger event in Dublin on November 7 th , the Cross Quarter Solar Samhain Day, and more about this later. The rain of the past two days has waterlogged our labyrinth garden, so that may well not be in use for October 31 st , though the forecast for all of Ireland is for a lovely day and evening then, as well as a turning point from this very warm weather lately to traditional cooler days. Our Thatch Cottage is lovely and cosy though, with the traditional living room remaining a contemplation sanctuary. Cross the veil into a Celtic Dreamtime Pass Next Saturday, November 7 th , cross quarter day and Solar Samhain Day, w

Supporting Your Farmer's Market and more ....

A forgotten habit of the past? Today I was reminded of the Saturday morning ritual, as a child, of being dragged off to do the week’s shopping. It was something I did not like at all until it was all over and we went into the cafe to have some late breakfast or early lunch. Each Saturday morning, when I do not have a group to guide, has become a habit of setting of for Boyle, our nearest town, for the Farmer’s Market in front of King House, a heritage landmark of Boyle and a lovely safe place to hold a farmer’s market. My old habit, was like many of us now, off to the big town and the big supermarkets. Shopping is a conveyor belt habit with the intent of getting the lowest prices and the fastest time and barely a glance at the other people shopping and the staff at check out. Somehow, I now hope I never do that again It does mean I now spend a bit more money on my groceries, or maybe not, as I find I am portion controlling to keep within my food budget so maybe I am not on healthier fo

What Is Spiritual Direction?

Answering your questions … As I have been posting several Twitter and Facebook announcements about Claire Roche and myself presenting a workshop and performance at Spiritual Directors International Conference in Dublin, this has attracted several questions. Most answers are on the SDI website at so I would like to use their information plus some of my interpretation to provide convenience of an introduction here Throughout human history many, many people have experienced a “calling” to accompany others seeking the “mystery” we name God, Goddess, great spirit, and several other interpreted names. This exploration of the “mystery”, that I call “great spirit” as this does not align to a gender, has a powerful way of bringing people together, people who wish to be instructed, discover, learn and develop wisdom of how to live in best co-operation with this “great spirit”. The goal and activity of Spiritual Directors International is to provide tools for developing a wor