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Stories, Songs, Harps for 10 Days

Sorry, very last minute with this stuff but a lot of wonderful things going on this weekend and during the next 10 days In this news ........ -  2nd Farmleigh International Festival of Story and Song -  2009 Yeats Festival Season -  Healers & Bards Gathering : Lunasa -  2009 Boyle Arts Festival -  O'Carolan Keadue -  Keash Garland Sunday 2nd Farmleigh International Festival of Story and Song Already kicked of yesterday but I'm on my way there right after I write up and send this to you. Irish Storytelling has its roots in the Celtic Bardic Tradition, where legends, poetry and history were recited to the accompaniment of the harp. During this festival there are three storyteller songster harpers of note, Robin Williamson, Helen Davies, and Fionnuala Gill, will accompany storytellers and singers from Iceland, Wales, Germany, Scotland and Ireland. Of course the highlight for me, and many, is bard, Robin Williamson, present an evening of Celtic Tales in the Farmleigh House Ball

Living Two Worlds

Reading a latest Derek Silvers Blog “ …. its about you, not them ” made me think more about the usefulness of Facebook Facebook may possibly be a good discipline for our lives. Starting off with what Derek Silvers was sharing, there’s so much music out there we listen to and buy, so many products out there we buy and so many services, even consultants we are quite intimate with ……. that would give us some shock if we knew the people behind what we buy. The media makes it their job to expose us to the personal and “private” lives of the people we buy from. Their “stories” have an amazing effect and influence on what we buy, and stop buying …. If there was some media that revealed undesirable personal lives of the media people that have this effect on us, would we stop being influences by their “stories”?  These are sensationalism questions though, so I’ll move onto something that I hope is useful I’ve been a huge fan of Facebook since it was insignificant against MySpace but I could see