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What is Celtic Ethic?

Today I had someone write to me for information of this subject so that he could complete his thesis. I was a bit taken back by this question as I knew that anyone who attempted to answer it would really be a kind of false prophet and risks stirring controversy with students claiming I am attempting to destroy their work, witches casting spells to heal my warped spirit and druids shaking and waving their sacred sticks in horror and sweating the natural colours out of their robes.   Despite these thoughts, I tried to answer and this is what I said. “Unfortunately I think you fall down with the subject matter as the word "Celtic" is virtually a myth. For a long long time, its been a convenience word to wrap around a group of tribes, a culture that is partially described mythologically, a wrap-around for a modern re-working of a set of fragments of old traditions and even a wrap-around to create a genre of music and dance after Riverdance was released. This is not to downplay wh

Claire Roche/Two Worlds US tour latest

Our Two Worlds USA our has to be re-posted. I have been swamped with planning work for upcoming tours, events and workshops in Ireland and USA and have not been able to broadcast updates on online pages yet. That was the intent this weekend and still an intent for tomorrow. Quick run off for now though … March 11 Ormond Beach, FL March 13 New Orleans March 14 Birmingham AL March 16 Saluda SC March 17 Hot Springs NC March 18 Waynesville NC March 19 Nashville TN March 20 or 21 Urbana IL March 22 Tulsa OK March 23 Alberquerque NM March 25 Kayenta UT March 26 Denver CO March 27 Omaha NE March 29 Madison WS Best thing for now is to contact me for full details of city and town that interests you, until I can get a full promo up around the net. Contact me here So looking forward to this US tour. Lots and lots of interest, which is what is keeping me busy  

Robin Williamson on Moytura, May 27th-28th

Robin Williamson, best known as founder of the Incredible String Band and matured as a prolific storyteller bard of Celtic and Nordic myths, is serving a two day workshop of Moytura on Moytura in Co. Sligo, Ireland. Robin, along with Mike Heron and Clive Palmer formed the Incredible String Band in the mid 1960s to record an LP of the same name to share a fusion of Scottish and American folk music blended with their own compositions. Its moderate success, especially of Robin’s “October Song” that has been covered by several artists and praised by Bob Dylan, Robin and Mike returned to record a follow up “5000 Spirits Or The Layers Of The Onion”, in 1967, which enjoyed chart success, concert hall status and a place in the revered Newport Folk Festival. This was a favourite album of Paul McCartney at the time and it is said that the Beatles went to Incredible String Band Concerts and went away with ideas for Sergeant Pepper’s and its also said Mick Jagger was inspired by this LP for creati