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Samhain Apples

Apple, A Fruit Of Life I have tried, and participated, but through my life I have never really been able to get used to the idea of Samhain and Halloween being a celebration of death with its indulgence in bed sheet ghosts, smiley face grave stones, pointed black hats, distorted masks of politicians and a fearful misunderstood judgement of spiders. One symbol has always stood out and delighted me at this time ... apples. Apples are more than a symbol, of course, because we eat them. We follow and explore multiple recipes that include apples to make the most yummiest of foods. Before Walter Raleigh hooked the Irish on potatoes, apples were a winter staple for nourishment along with honey, and lets not forget the brews made from mixing the two. Lets step back a bit to our visions of the Tree of Life, or World Tree, often named as Yggdrasil from Norse mythology. The mythology of this tree is that that was somehow involved in the creation of the universe, the origin of h