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A Veil Between Two Worlds

The Book

I am currently taking a break from writing articles for this blog to complete my book "A Veil Between Two Worlds" intended for release at Beltaine 2007.

This has been an on and off project during 2006 that is now arriving at an exciting conclusion

My book is both a story and guide book combined.

The book is the story of Brighid visualized as it may be told by Lugh of the Tuatha De Dannan who's harp and its music are the Veil between Earth and the Otherworld.

My story morphs and incarnates through the ages from before the arrival of the Tuatha De Dannan to Ireland until its surprise conclusion dedicated to the day you read it.

There's fantasy, colour, honour, sanctuary, a bit of blood spilt, lots of love, moments of tears, lots to smile about and should provoke some oral response from spontaneous gasps to infectious chuckles.

These are stories that are similar to what have been told many times before with writers changing the names of the people and locations to d…