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Situated on Carrowcrory lands, 5 km from Ballinafad postal village in Co. Sligo, Ireland, aligned to Brigid’s sunrise and facing the breast paps of Morrigan’s Mountain our Two Worlds labyrinth was constructed from Samhain 2008, and took me about 2 months to construct in between guided tours, weather and a wee boughts of flu.

Our Two worlds circles within circles and tree wisdom labyrinth garden is very young but already abundant, blessed and spiritually vibrant.

01 thumbWhat?

Our labyrinth is inspired by but transformed from ancient labyrinth designs to include relevance and reference to Celtic celebration traditions, the mating dance of sea birds, the four Celtic seasons, the trinity of union and continuity, and the ogham language of trees.

Our seven circle labyrinth is symmetrical, inspired by the spring mating dance of seabirds. The human mating dance, probably inspired by these sea birds, at Bealtaine is similar.

So far, visitors have used our Two Worlds labyrinth garden for the Celtic calendar celebrations of Imbolc, Bealtaine (Samean), Lunasa and Samhain, “letting go” rituals, calling on union blessings, rituals for reconciliation, personal meditations, relief from writer’s block, peaceful nature walks and hands-on tree and herb gardening and learning. 

The inner circle is our meeting place encircled with young willows to eventually grow into a living willow cairn. Within this circle is a fire cauldron and water cauldron. Our water cauldron will eventually be replaced with a larger water feature during this coming winter.

The next three circles take on a trinity wave and folding experience of the unity of the universe, our physical earth and the spirit that flows life, along with the trinity of birth, life, passing, and then back to birth again.

The next two outer circles take us to the four points, the four “cities” away from our sanctuary centre. These four points are a reminder of the elements, the crucifix and the four spiritual schools of instruction. The four schools of instruction, especially essential for any bard for inspiration and communication, are the schools of unity, fertility, harvesting and the sharing. These were symbolised in ancient times by the sword, the stone, the spear or sickle, and the cauldron. 

The final, seventh circle, is the bonding circle with its clockwise spelling of the Ogham alphabet by trees of each letter of this alphabet. The Ogham language is said to have commenced today’s human culture of “organised” systems such as laws, currency, political and religious administrations, corporate business administrations,  duplicated languages that all can understand through voice and reading, measurements of time and space, and the teaching of all of these through organised education systems measured by qualifications and languaged documents. 

02 thumbWhy?

However, the rest of the labyrinth is a reminder that our organised world is purely created by ourselves for ourselves for our convenience and attempts at greater knowledge and abundance. Our labyrinth reminds us that catching the entire salmon of wisdom is outside our grasp and right. Our labyrinth is a truthful constant reminder that the seemingly disorganisation of nature still commands and serves all. Accepting this can turn the deepest worry, depression and sadness into joy and provide the freedom to be children again.

Our mathematical and spiritually guided labyrinth is in constant challenge with nature’s choice of visits and residency of unplanned weeds, wild flowers, wildlife and insects, all harmless to us along with an invite to wonder and relationship. This creates a constant learning of tolerance and also, I believe, teaches a love of nature above a love of personal agenda.

Labyrinth DesignWe invite anyone to visit and use our Two Worlds labyrinth without commitment.

Our Two Worlds labyrinth does not survive from our toil alone but from the freewill contributions that our visitors provide in cash and/or labour which are always very welcome. We also like to return contributions by our visitors with some sharing of food, beverages, ceili and craic as a way of thanking you for making the continuity of our labyrinth possible.

Please visit us soon.

Accommodation and guided tours to our other local ancient sacred places can also also arranged. In fact, you’ll love our local eco farm accommodation. Our visiting bard, Robin Williamson, who has toured and stayed in 1000s or hotels and guest houses around the world, said to Karen our innkeeper landlady, “you are the loveliest, kindest, landlady of any accommodation I have stayed in, I will be back!”.

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  1. My name is Joanne and this comment is for Gordon

    Gordon, This is very country , however I see where the designer is going with this and appreciate its beauty. I wonder what this looks like today, it would be interesting to see. Anyway, I hope that you are able to see the reasons I want you to view this. Love Jo xxx

  2. Trees have grown a lot so its looks more mystical now ... and the weeds have grown very abundantly during this moderate humid drizzling summer.


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