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How To Use Facebook

A lot of folks reading this will be Facebook users and may wonder why on earth should anyone need to write any kind of “How to ….” because there can be a throw off “anyone can use Facebook” attitude. To me this is a bit like getting vague directions to a place that ends with “ ….. can’t miss it” which usually leads into getting lost for hours trying to find the place I am told I “cant miss”. So, this is my discovery of Facebook that I would like to share with you. It was my daughter, Ivy, who introduced me to Facebook. When she joined Facebook her main interest was finding a site where she could easily post photo snaps to share with family and friends. Ivy lives in New Zealand well away from family and away from many friends she grew up with. Sharing photos online became her way of keeping in touch. For awhile I would get emails asking to join Ivy and see her photos at different sites, such as Ringo. Eventually she landed at Facebook and to see her photos then I had to sign up for F

Let's Celebrate Lughnasa

Let’s C elebrate Lughnasa Of the four Celtic Celebrations of Imbolc, Beltaine, Lughnasa and Samhain, this is probably the most important, the most celebrated where I live. Lughnasa, Lughnasadh or Lammas is the celebration of the first harvest of grains, fruits, and vegetables. but it will be largely overlooked today in many countries due to our easy access to most fruits, vegetables and grains all year round. When I was young, this part of the year was a celebrated time of abundance as we did not have the all year round luxury of imported foods. It is a time when our gardens and farms here in Ireland produce much more than we can eat so as well as a celebration of abundance its the start of the time to manage our harvest so that we survive the winter. The name Lughnasa has derived from Lugh, or Lug, Lugh was a man of Tuatha De Dannan legend who became one of the three most important High Kings of Ireland. Lugh is often referred to as an ancient god of light and also known as the