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Thank you 2013, Welcome 2014

A big thank you to everyone I contacted, shared with and worked with through 2013 to make it another wonderful year for myself, good times for Claire and I hoped helped your year along too. It was a very home and tree hugging year, very little travel, but I live in a beautiful place and great to be here through this mainly good weather year in Ireland. Our Sunday afternoon Bards In The Woods and Picnics had far less support this year than last year, except for the politically motivated Walk In The Woods Day on 9th June ... Alas, after this we seem to rarely find many people in the forests. A bit disappointing, really, but we did venture into a lot more forests, some very ancient, and that excited me. click here for the Bards In The Woods pages It was lovely to see the great constant support in Louth forests with Lisa Watters. I hope that spirit inspires others to spread nationwide through 2014. I did get into a bit of street protesting in Dublin, once against the sell o