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Healers & Bards Gathering : June 28th

The Event Update ….. 4 people joined us, two who had not been here before a lady from Dublin and a gentleman from Finland Weather was relaxingly warm and sharing the labyrinth was enjoyed by all. Looking forward to next Sunday July 5th A time for healers and bards, and people who wish to meet them Meet up here at The Thatch, Carrowcrory, Co. Sligo at 2:30 pm, Sunday, June 28th click here to get driving directions which is a PDF file you can save and print – refreshments on arrival – healers and bards available for session and discussion – sharing within our Two Worlds Labyrinth Garden Wheel – optional transporting of guests to ancient Carrowkeel Cairns – optional transporting of guests to Céis Coarran Caves – current long range weather forecast is     warm, some cloud, a bit hazy, shower chance 20% Sessions booked so far - Four Paths to Wholeness : A Labyrinth Journey with John of Celtic Ways € 10 to help us cover refreshment and transport costs, You can RSVP and pay through this M

What Is The Best Time To Tour Ireland?

A Question I Just Answered … I recommend May and June myself. Usually this serves the best weather of the year, though May was an exception this year as it was quite wet and cool, but for most previous years it has been fabulous. Weather aside, the benefits are longer daylight days low cost air travel better accommodation deals abundance of wild flowers such as primroses, bluebells, orchids, cowslips and rare species no or few midges and biting insects a lot quieter, peaceful, ingredients for a perfect vacation Late August and early September is very nice for the purple heather and often a return to warm summer weather. Early October often serves an Indian summer and gorgeous fall tree colours but the shorter days are noticeable. During the evenings of shorter days we offer sessions of music, song, dance, storytelling or offer you guidance for instantly publishing your journal and inspirations that you have written, photographed or even recorded on mobile devices. Recommended Touring?

Summer Solstice Gathering June 20th

We are hosting a Summer Solstice Gathering, Sat June 20th Here’s the current news Meet up here at The Thatch, Carrowcrory, at 6:30 pm, Saturday, June 20th map below driving directions here watch video of 2007 Carrowkeel Solstice here – refreshments on arrival – songs and harp by Claire Roche – storytellers – observations and sharing within our Two Worlds Labyrinth Garden – start transporting guests to Carrowkeel Cairns from 8:30 pm – sunset at approx 10:05 pm – current long range weather forecast is current forecast approx 80% sunny sunset we will probably stay up at Carrowkeel Cairns for about one hour € 10 to help us cover refreshment and transport costs, Please RSVP and pay through our Meet Up Page We are also hosting Carrowkeel visits at 8:30 pm on these evenings … Friday 19 th – current forecast is approx 60% sunny sunset Sunday 21 st – current forecast is approx 20% sunny sunset Monday 22 nd – current forecast is approx 90% sunny sunset Each of these trips are also € 10 per

Why are our tours and retreat travellers 80% women?

Is Ireland a living Goddess? Many of our visiting women believe this, and have good reason to. Added to this is their belief that this age is an awakening time for women. 1000s of years of the suppression, esteem breaking and persecution of women is breaking away so that they once again become in total flowing balance with men. I feel convinced that this age old suppression and persecution of women has also suppressed the flow, effect, purpose and good stewardship of masculinity. The ancient tales I now share through stories and folk drama at ancient sites are from times when women were actively the earthly presence of the goddess. They were keepers of the flame while men provided the fuel that kept their flames alight.  Without the flame of the feminine the masculine is not fired with courage, focus and destiny. It makes complete sense that women were also the earliest creators and providers of swords, a symbol of male and female flowing in constant balanced motion. When I tell and pe

Finding Your Celtic Story : The Journey

Here’s the layout of my latest book Finding Your Celtic Story from the land and its ancient sacred sites I am writing this book, adapted from texts I have written before, which follows quite close to how our current guided tours and retreat flow. Claire and I, on our performance tours, have met so many people seeking their Celtic Story, not just out of interest, but as a journey to fulfill gaps in their lives or following a calling to take their lives to another place that we may call Celtica “Finding Your Celtic Story” is a book for all these people with a Celtic and even Shaman calling. The book also invites the reader to take further steps through advancing their calling into way of sharing with others by releasing the bard within. “Finding Your Celtic Story – from the land and its ancient sacred sites” has a content of 60 chapters, plus an intro and resources pages Intro Searching for Your Celtic Story The Myths of Pagans The Myths of Celtic Christianity The Lost Years Of Jesus Cro