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What is a labyrinth?

A dream was fulfilled when our Two Worlds Tree Labyrinth was built and usable.Our labyrinth is not of a traditional design but completely an inspiration that synthesizes many traditions that have become inner instincts over my past 55 years. For me, this is an expression of instinct and tradition collected since when I started my focus on ritual and the divine as a wee boy.What is a labyrinth?
- I am always asked
Where do they come from, is a hastily followed question, but origins can only be guessed. What they have been used for during times of humans is purely an imaginative guessing game.Perhaps the most famous ancient labyrinth was in ancient CreteQueen Pasiphaë of Crete had a desire for a specific type sacrificial bull and chose to breed such a bull from her own womb. After an act of bestiality she gave birth to the half man, half bull Minotaur and had a labyrinth built to cage him.Each year, Pasiphae's husband, King Minos, demanded that seven boys and seven girls be taken thro…