Our Ireland Vacation now lower cost, again!

All thanks to Ballaghboy Lodge

We have just had two small groups enjoying guided tours around our sacred sites and fun things like our donkey sanctuary and labyrinth garden.

What I believe has turned this into a fabulous vacation is our local farm accommodation, Ballaghboy Lodge with outstanding hospitality kindness and good food from Karen and Eddie.

Our folks have wanted to stay longer than the 2 or 3 nights they booked.

Before they arrive, folks just think there could not be enough to do here for more than a day.

Once here, they are surprised by all that we have to offer along with their own experience of growing peace and relaxation while staying here.

Its a vacation here!   Its also real Ireland here!

The Vacation Deal

Karen and Eddie have just offered me an wonderful dinner, bed and breakfast rate that I can integrate into our guide and teaching services, touring transport, retreat facilities, activities and now popular picnic lunches.

There’s also our Celtic Bards School option too for those called to writing and harps, no experience required! 

We can now provide a very comprehensive vacation experience that I’m starting to call eco-spiritual, as its about restoring the spirit of our visitors through connection to nature and ancient sacred sites that stirs the senses and inspiration along with choice opportunities for solo or with partner retreat solace, team activities and performance that is listened to and appreciated.

I’m being brave and offering a flat fee for all of this of € 120 per person sharing per day and night

or if you stay 7 days and 7 nights € 750 total per person sharing

Single supplement, non sharing is €20 extra per day

Listing what you get per day

  • gourmet home style three course evening meal with wine

  • bed in beautiful bedrooms or chalets

  • all you can eat full Irish breakfast

  • a choice of morning touring, retreat, workshop, learning, activities or time out

  • picnic style lunch

  • a choice of morning touring, retreat, workshop, learning, activities or time-out

  • ceili style evening entertainment, if desired, with harps where possible


Our core vacation service is introducing visitors to our local sacred sites of stone circles, ancient cairns, sacred wells, goddess legend rivers, mystical caves along with stirring views from hilltops and coastlines.

Each site visit is a blend of storytelling followed by personal time for interpretation and the invitation to let this flow into personal journalling, poetry, songs and art, or simply timeless private memories.

These are places where the mind, body and spirit can flow with the freedom, sensitivity, passion, trust and fearlessness of our moments of romance, love and gratitude.

I share how the tradition of storytelling is not bound by the archive writing of universities but is a flowing synthesis of oral stories past down though centuries and millenniums combined with our intimate response to the geology, flora and wildlife that surrounds the setting where the story was born.    

Reactions and Interpretations can then flow through a choice of channels ranging from private and retreat solace to spirited team activities and through performance and publishing, hence why we have also founded  The Celtic Bards School as an extended option for our visitors, as we believe “everyone is a bard”.

Sharing nature as much as possible is something we also encourage through such things as through our tree wisdom inspired labyrinth garden, a visit to a remote donkey sanctuary, the making of Brighid's crosses, and our picnic lunches which include wild foods gathered from nature where possible.

For our visitors we do not present Ireland in the Paddyland image of leprechauns, Guinness, orchestrated music tunes and poker-up-the-backside dancing, though all these things are fun and not be dismissed, as we do include them … in moderation :-) 

We aim to invite our guests to truly explore the spirit of tradition, celebration, wisdom, love and inspiration that is the heart of Ireland set in its truly green nature.

Add to that good home food, good accommodation, maybe horse riding, boating, hiking and cycling along with some real ceili craic of sean nos singing, dancing, stories and harper bard songs and music.

In short, I think our main theme is to allow our visitors to become children again, a time when wild imagination inspired and motivated us. Also its ok to have that unseen friend with you here, that fairy, that angel, that goddess, that warrior, that Green Man, because here that friend is a real friend and guide you should never have lost,

……. but he or she is still waiting for you to come here in North West ireland and be friends again.   

€ 120 per person sharing per day and night

7 days and 7 nights € 750 total per person sharing

Accommodation video


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