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Get your Fae's Breath Books now, especially pre-orders please

Hello everyone

Quick announcement.

Very Important for USA book orders.
Please read!  Thank you!

This USA tour has been a bit of a rush-rush time so time to do all what we want to do has been and is very limited.

This includes finding the list of addresses of people in the USA who are expecting the Ogma's Tale Of The Trees - Bathing In The Fae's Breath book.

If you are in the USA
have pre-ordered books
or want to order books

Bathing In The Fae's Breath
with Ogma's Tale Of The Trees

I will be shipping tomorrow afternoon,
Tuesday, April 21st.

Please email me your address to get your's
my address list is on a computer in Ireland
and I did not get it into the cloud.

Those of you who send me your email address
will get you copies sent tomorrow.

Many thanks.

This has been a very popular book on tour.

also click for your copy of Bathing In The Fae's Breath e-book here


Journey With Claire Roche CD
is, at last, re-released 
and still copies available:-)

Since CD copies went out of stock …

April News

Hello everyone

Claire Roche and I as Woodland Bard 
are currently in the USA touring

Looking forward to meeting some of you again.

We have ... Bathing In The Fae's Book & Journey With Claire Roche CD with us

Bathing In The Fae's Breath tour it is.

Claire is performing her beautiful songs and both of us together with excerpts from Ogma's Tale of The Trees and Bathing In The Fae's Breath from my new book.

Towns where we will be at soon are San Francisco, Pacific Grove, Moreno Valley, Cotati, Arcata, Junction City, Eugene, Portland, Whidbey Island, Tacoma, Boise, Oakland, Boulder Creek

Please click here for the tour schedule and find out where you can meet us
Do click the Event pages, on the schedule, and come and see us :-) 
Ogma's Tale Of The Trees became 
Bathing In The Fae's Breath Book.
We have this available on our tour

Through this past winter, I found myself working on creating two books, so I made them just one, and that has become Bathing In The Fae's Breat…