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Carrowcrory Cottage & Labyrinth Gardens

The base of all of the projects, work, and services. From here we host our Sunday Sessions. Each of these session topics will eventually have their own pages and portals. Claire Roche hosts mid-week Afternoons here with an introductory Tree Labyrinth Garden Session, Afternoon Tea, and a performance of Claire's enchanting stories, songs and harps. Eventually, a side portal explaining more about the Labyrinth Gardens and the trees, plants, and herbs growing here will be added.

Us And Trees - What Can We Do?

'Us And Trees' is an evolving hub of wonderful people and services helping other people to establish tree sanctuaries. Right now, it seems that thousands, probably millions of people, are in emotional pain about what is polluting and burning our planet. Some of us wish we had a magic trick to sort out and magically heal the planet. Here is a 5 Step Action Plan to do something at home or local that others can be inspired to duplicate. Despite my language there, this is not a link to a landing page to grab yer money. This is a hub site. Feel free to add to it.

Tree Sanctuaries

This is an extension of our 'Us And Trees' hub. Here we guide explore, and share our interpretations and creations within the culture of Tree Sanctuary. Through this site we explore how to experience our natural and nature-connected selves, among some trees, and how out tree space can nurture and inspire us  deeply, and feel whole again. Links to Tree Sanctuary invites, events, and creation resources will arrive here very soon too..

Tree Labyrinths

Visitors often ask for ideas and help to create or develop their own Tree Labyrinth or Tree Sanctuary, even if they have a small garden of live in an apartment. This is a new hub that will soon share ideas from other Tree Labyrinth creators. You could soon be creating and being visionary within your enchanting labyrinth among the trees.

Labyrinth Gardens Guide 

Similar to Tree Labyrinths & Tree Sanctuaries, but for people wishing to create or develop outdoor labyrinths without trees, but maybe with shrubs, plants, bulbs, herbs, or spare stones on their land. Again, this includes people with small gardens plus suggestions for people without gardens such as people living in apartments.

Woodland Bard 

My personal portal, John Willmott, aka Woodland Bard. This is where I place almost all new content before I publish it on the other Hubs & Portals here. Some of the content of my personal feelings, believes, opinions, and other rants stay here on this site. There are insights to books, music and videos that I am producing, and my podcasts get posted here too. You can also check out events where I am appearing live to entertain and/or demonstrate.

Claire Roche Music

Everyone who meets Claire Roche loves her and what she has to share. Her stories entertain, her singing is enchanting, and her harps accompanying what she sings take us to another place. Just meeting and talking with Claire is very special, radiant, and never forgotten. Here is our portal to her music collection and events listing of when and where you can be enchanted by her presence and performance.

Bathing In The Fae's Breath 

This is a portal to the first of my series of four Bathing books. This is a tree hugger's compendium of stories and poems that share the intimate value of our trees, woodlands, forests, and their precious sensory language that was with us before all languages. Half of this book is Ogma's Tale Of The Trees to take you on a journey of the life of Ogham.

Bathing With The Sheela

With this second book portal we explore water folklore, especially of the underworld and within the wombs of hills and mountains. We visit the sacred springs, rivers, and lakes along with the fae, sidhe, and goddesses that live within them. Another compendium of stories and poems with the intent of comforting our souls and dissolving away any heartbreaking longings

Bathing Our Roots

My third book portal is much more hands on as it explores what we can do on our surrounding landscape through our small valuable ways to do something for the earth in pain. This book aims to transform despair into encouragement. It guides us into a whole new thinking and feeling that aids us to transform our eco concerns from concepts into psychic driven lifestyle. Folklore is used as a guide to passage us through our quest.

Bathing Among Aislings & Green Men 

The fourth book portal takes us into the living dreaming realm, into the sources of folklore we may not have let ourselves go into before. Guiding the reader into a banishment of guilt, shame, fear, and longing, that transforms into a self pampered sea of love that we are eager to express, share, and unite others with, without control and conditions. Before that, though, there are our inner gate-keepers to make peace with. This book and portal intend sto guide that.  .

Ogma's Tale Of The Trees 

Yes, this is part of Bathing In The Fae's Breath, but already this goes much more into Ogma and Ogham. This portal has been dormant awhile, so through this winter I wish to expand this for you and format it to be much more friendly for mobiles.

Bards In The Woods

Between 2002 and 2018, this was a magical time of encouraging people into the woods and forest of Ireland, as too few people were daring to spend time in them, and the public forests were starting to be sold off. You do not use them, you lose them. I still have a lot more content to add to this hub which will not be mainly a tribute to those years of nature walks, picnics, poetry and songs. We may do some more\/

Ireland Forests 

An extension to Bards In The Woods to catalogue Ireland's woods and forests open to public use. This hub has been dormant awhile, but still a lot of information here. I hope I can update and develop this more in the future.

Celtic Ways

The one that started it all, from 1975 when I started using the name before it became an internet domain about 25 years ago. It has been through many uses as a Celtic music hub, Celtic stories hub, megalithic sites hub, then morely a portal to all of the other projects we are doing. A near future direction is to transform this into a celebration of the so called Celtic Holidays, the two solstices, two equinoxes and the four cross quarter days of Imbolc, Bealtaine, Lughnasadh, and Samhain.


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