Summer Solstice Gathering June 20th

We are hosting a Summer Solstice Gathering, Sat June 20th

Solstice insideHere’s the current news

Meet up here at The Thatch, Carrowcrory,

at 6:30 pm, Saturday, June 20th

map below driving directions here

watch video of 2007 Carrowkeel Solstice here

– refreshments on arrival
– songs and harp by Claire Roche
– storytellers
– observations and sharing
within our Two Worlds Labyrinth Garden
– start transporting guests to Carrowkeel Cairns
Group inside from 8:30 pm
– sunset at approx 10:05 pm
– current long range weather forecast is

current forecast approx 80% sunny sunset

we will probably stay up at Carrowkeel Cairns
for about one hour

€ 10 to help us cover
refreshment and transport costs,

Please RSVP and pay through our Meet Up Page

We are also hosting Carrowkeel visits at 8:30 pm on these evenings …

Friday 19th – current forecast is approx 60% sunny sunset
Sunday 21st – current forecast is approx 20% sunny sunset
Monday 22nd – current forecast is approx 90% sunny sunset

Each of these trips are also € 10 per person

(I normally charge €25 for a Carrowkeel guided tour)

Here’s the Google Map Link

View Celtic Ways in a larger map

driving directions here

CarrowkeelgSome more information …

Some folks are asking me, why Saturday 20th and not Sunday 21st?

Several folks rigidly stick to the Roman Calendar date of June 21st for Summer Solstice, and in this area its a lively celebration including fireworks, but this year, based on astronomical calculations, the sunset of July 20th is more appropriate. For the studious the sidereal time of Summer Solstice this year in Ireland is after 5:00 am, on Sunday 21st, though I am not sure of the exact minute.

A main advantage of visiting Saturday is that Carrowkeel will not be busy like on June 21st so observation by visitors should be quieter with more room for all. I cannot guarantee that because information of quiet times I have previously supplied through Celtic Ways have become busier times as word spread.

Solstice sunsetThere are not enough accessed ancient sacred sites to go around for current increasing demand, hence why we have our Two Worlds Labyrinth Garden Wheel, which I also hope will demonstrate the sun setting in front of the vulva caves of Ceis Coarran, Morrigan’s Mountain, around Summer Solstice time. Its looking good at the present.

At Carrowkeel cairns there are two cairns that draw in the solstice sunset light.

The lower cairn K is small but the most dramatic as it still has its light box, quite near to its original placing. About 8 people can squeeze in at one time to observe this. Any more and it blocks the phenomenon.

The higher cairn N, is larger but as the light box has long gone the sun lights up the whole interior. About 12 people can squeeze in at one time.

CarrowkeelemergingOn June 21st when about 100 or more folks turn up to experience this, you can imagine problems with access to the cairns, as well car car parking.

Looking forward to meeting you at our
2009 Summer Solstice gathering


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