What Is The Best Time To Tour Ireland?

A Question I Just Answered …

I recommend May and June myself. Usually this serves the best weather of the year, though May was an exception this year as it was quite wet and cool, but for most previous years it has been fabulous. Weather aside, the benefits are

longer daylight days
low cost air travel
better accommodation deals
abundance of wild flowers such as primroses, bluebells, orchids, cowslips and rare species
no or few midges and biting insects
a lot quieter, peaceful, ingredients for a perfect vacation

Late August and early September is very nice for the purple heather and often a return to warm summer weather.

Early October often serves an Indian summer and gorgeous fall tree colours but the shorter days are noticeable.

During the evenings of shorter days we offer sessions of music, song, dance, storytelling or offer you guidance for instantly publishing your journal and inspirations that you have written, photographed or even recorded on mobile devices.

Recommended Touring?

Start with our “Introduction to Ireland” tour that commences first couple of days in Co. Sligo.

I feel the worst thing anyone can do is land at Dublin and stay in Dublin for a couple of days to “catch up on jet lag”. Same story for landing at Shannon and heading straight to Limerick, Galway or even Killarney.

These cities and bustling places are best left until an end of a vacation when they can be fully enjoyed. This is especially true when visiting museums and galleries as you will see collections from places you have been to, and that is exciting, fun and meaningful.

Below is a video of our accommodation that we can serve for your first three days in Ireland, only €55 per night per person sharing for dinner, bed and breakfast.

Guide, driver and transport for the day is also €55 per person, including pic-nic lunch 

After a couple of days here of catching up your sleep pattern, relaxing and enjoying our nearby sacred sites and coastline we can transfer you to a self drive car, motor home, self drive boat or an extended guided tour of Ireland.

However, some folks enjoy their Co. Sligo stay so much, they cancel the rest of their vacation to continue staying here and enjoy all we have to offer with scenery, Irish traditions, Irish community, Irish mythology, Irish music, song, dance and storytelling. 

All that people come to Ireland for is here without the fuss of accommodation changes, travel and endless hours in cars, buses and trains rather than experiencing Ireland and having a vacation.  




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