"Veil Between Two Worlds"; repackaged vacation

“Veil Between Two Worlds” itinerary.

During the last 5 years of presenting various Ireland tours and vacations of between 1 and 14 days, here’s what I have discovered.

  • folks find that Ireland has more to offer than they thought and that trying to tour all of Ireland is exhaustive and not a vacation.

  • folks enjoy spending several days at one accommodation and then do tours, activities and workshops based from that location.

  • by staying at a single location for a few days individual travellers can opt for their own “time out” days and rejoin the group later

  • by staying in one location a fuller experience of Ireland, its places, its people, its traditions and its culture becomes a deeper experience

So now we offer this unique 8 day vacation that should also interest anyone looking for an Irish vacation that is rich in Celtic Spirit but easy on the budget.

Though optional, one of the best ways of converting this vacation into even lower cost is to fly into our local Knock, Ireland West, airport instead of Dublin or Shannon. Booked well in advance New York to Knock return fares, including charges, can be well under $500. You’ll find more information through our airport information link below.

This tour is our most intimate.

Our “Veil Between Two Worlds” vacation is themed on exploring and repairing the fragmented connections of our polar spirits so that they may flow in alignment rather than be guided into still balance.  

Quite a serious complex line, eh? In practice, this is a vacation for shedding fears and creating inner peace, but in fun packed, slightly daring but actually harmless ways that you may not be familiar with. This is a passionate spiritually guided journey through the labyrinth of the “trinity” without aligning to any specific faith. 

If you feel your life is at a point of change but there is a block on clearly seeing and feeling the direction of this change, then this vacation is for you. We have loving testimonials from past travellers that warmly explain how this vacation has recharged their lives such as 

“John many, many thanks to a fantastic tour I am still assimilating the changes within me. I have decided to return quite soon to my healing practice and spiritual teaching” Heather, South Australia

“I enjoyed everything thoroughly, It's added new dimensions and I'm assimilating the energies and enjoying the pictures.” Hope, Wisconsin       

These tours are limited to 8 travellers!

Starting at “Tighe na Cláirseach”, Co. Sligo

Tighe na Cláirseach is a thatched cottage between Ballymote in Co. Sligo and Boyle in Co. Roscommon. It is below the Bricklieve Mountains, home of the Carrowkeel Cairns, that are very special to those who visit them. It also provides an incredible landscape view of the goddess Morrigan, mother of Bhride (Brigid). This is visible when your eyes integrate the contours of Morrigan’s Cheis Coarran mountain looking as if its about to give birth, the two nearby cairn topped paps and the skull like hill of Treanscrabbagh.

Tigh na Cláirseach is currently being restored, ready by April 2008, and includes a studio/workshop building and will include a herb and water based trinity labyrinth for ritual, ceremony and fun.

Tighe na Cláirseach means “cottage home of the harps”. Cláirseach is an ancient north west Ireland word for a harp with soundbox and key change fasteners. Not only can you enjoy the presence of singer harpist Claire Roche and the origins of the Irish symbol of the harp is a very important element with all of our tours and activities.

It is here and from here we can share with you the cottage traditions of Ireland that are truly Irish and not dissolved through providing “shows” for the tourists. 

The surrounding landscape is amongst the most beautiful in Ireland hosting the most inspiring sacred sites that truly regenerate and restore our souls and spirit.

Though this will be a starting point for all we do it will be another year or so before we can add sleeping accommodation so we will arrange board at a local guest house or hotel.

Day 1:  Carrowkeel Cairns

We introduce you to Ireland with a visit to one of the most spectacular sacred places in Ireland.

We take a dirt road climb high into the Bricklieve Mountains, Co. Sligo, and its Tibet-like landscape, to visit and spend time within its 5000 – 6000 years old passage cairns. These are wonderful places for quiet time and connecting to the spirit of the ancestors and of other worlds. Everyone who visits and spends time her remarks on some kind of personal transformation. 

After this visit we introduce you to a traditional welcome at our Tighe na Cláirseach cottage. Here we can share tea, beverages, stories, introductions and, as this is the “cottage of the harps”, some performance from singer harpist Claire Roche.

Stay here as long as you feel comfortable before retiring to your accommodation

Day 2:  Keash Caves & St. Lazier's Well

We go to St. Lazier's well first as this is a wonderful holly well example as well as being in a beautiful place. There is a wonderful ballaun stone here along with its original cursing stone, a mass alter made from stone age cut stone and very sweet fresh healing water.

From there we have lunch at Cromleach Lodge that not only provides exceptional lunches but must have one of the best views in Ireland, especially for people interested in Irish mythology and spirit. Amongst the sites are Maeve’s cairn on Knocknarea, Morrigan’s cairn on Cheis Coarran mountain, Carrowkeel Cairns on the Bricklieve mountains and the surreal landscape in and around Lough Arrow.

After lunch, and hopefully with afternoon sun, we enter the caves of Keash within the Cheis Coarran mountain, the caves of Morrigan, birth womb of Brighid and great Irish High King of legends, Cormac mac Airt. 

Day 3:  Streedagh Beach

By now travellers are usually asking for time by the coast, by the sea, on the sand, so this a day we dedicate for this.

This is our favourite beach in Co. Sligo. There was once a small monastery here for early Christian monks waiting for the next boat to take them to the sacred monastic island now called Inishmurray. Above the beach is an ancient stone circle that shows this was a sacred place for at least a thousand years before the monks arrived here. From this stone circle are outstanding views across the County Sligo mountains, across to Slieve League cliffs of Co. Donegal, and along the Co. Mayo coast too. There are many alignments to many sacred places from here. Also, this is a beautiful sheltered safe bay with soft sand on the beach.

After our time here we travel north following the coast to Donegal town and then west to Bruckless

To “Bruckless”, Co. Donegal

After a restful night in Bruckless we head further west past the fishing town of Killybegs and along some beautiful coastline to one of the most sacred valleys of Ireland.

Day 4:  Glencolumcille Turas

South west of Co. Donegal is one of the most beautiful areas in Ireland. We commence the morning by hiking and contemplating as much of the 15 station Glencolumcille Turas as you feel comfortable with. There are cairns, beautifully carved crosses, alters, a beautiful hidden ancient hillside well, and a Bealtaine meeting stone. 

During the afternoon we will visit the cliffs of Slieve League that I feel are more colourful and more dramatic than Cliffs of Moher, and far less visited. On the way we may stop at some of the largest ancient megalithic sites in Ireland. We then travel back to our accommodation near Bruckless.

Over The Border To “Lisnaskea”, Co. Fermanagh

Today we cross the border into a beautiful part of Northern Ireland.

Day 5:  Lough Erne Traditions

A day where I share a passion of mine with our travellers. Beside Lough Erne and below one of the seven fairy mountains of Ireland, Knockninny, we visit the workshop and theatre of Augha Killy Maude Men Of Straw. This is the home of a folk drama troupe who explore mainly Mummer’s Plays and fertility plays from around the Celtic lands and from around the world. These are plays ascended from the ceremonies of ancient sacred sites. We can share a lot of fun through this day by learning and performing our own folk drama ceremonies, ancient and traditional circle dances, and even learn the skills of weaving straw into love knots, folk drama costumes and prayer alters. On a warm sunny day much of this can be shared outdoors, and even upon Knockninny mountain. Accommodation is across the lake at the small town of Lisnaskea .

Day 6:  Beaghmore Circles

I had often visited the amazing multi stone circles of Beaghmore, within the beautiful Sperrin Mountains of Tyrone. I had listened to many theories of the purpose of these circles, but none really made sense. It was after visiting Jenny Beale’s Brigit’s Garden in Co. Galway, and Jenny claims she has never been to Beaghmore, that these circles seemed to make natural sense.  If you travel with us to Beaghmore, we’ll use a combination of inspirations you have picked up so far from the tour, along with our new folk drama skills and see if you can reveal to yourself what I discovered here at Beaghmore.. Again, we stay overnight at Lisnaskea.

Day 7:  Cavan’s Burren & Source Of Shannon

The wooded “Cavan Burren” is one of my favourite places. This wooded landscape is full of hidden megalithic wonders. If anyone asks me to “guide them to a place of fairies” this must surely be the place. Amongst the surreal maze of stones and knarled trunked trees there are openings of megalithic wonders surrounded by flowers in spring, springy grass in summer and beautiful sweet berries in autumn followed by a sense of protection in winter. 

After a welcome lunch in nearby Blacklion village we visit Shannon Pot, source of the river Shannon and a surrounding spirit that seems to calm and restore all who visit here This is where we close our day before returning to Tighe na Cláirseach cottage or some other evening preference and arrangement.

We then return to the accommodation near Tighe na Cláirseach, Co. Sligo

Farewell At “Tighe na Cláirseach”, Co. Sligo

Day 7:  Time Out Day

Use this day to select what you would like to do to complete your vacation. Shopping day? Beach day? Craft day, Writing day, or another hidden sacred site?

Accommodation remains near Tighe na Cláirseach if you are flying out from Knock or in Dublin if you fly from Dublin.

Evenings through this tour will include a mix of feasting and merriment with reflections and restoring traditions.

With turf fires glowing we will share, music, especially harp music and song,storytelling, passionate poetry, moving ballads and closing reflections.

This rekindles and restores traditions in the heart rather than present to you “made for tourists” tradition shows. 

Current costs:

package of

8 days of transport, driver, guide, 
8 nights accommodation & breakfast, 
8 evening meals 
costs of “Tighe na Cláirseach” & “Augha Killy Maude” activities
gratuities for accommodation and dining

€1300 per person sharing
single supplement €100
pricing subject to accommodation costs, could go up or down
click here for converting to your currency
click here for extra airport transport, airfares and insurance costs

To Book or Inquire further:

First get in touch with us through our web browser email page. Through this send us a message explaining your preferred dates, itineraries you prefer, how many travellers joining you, and a little about personal interests because we adapt vacations to our traveller’s interests too.

so please click here and introduce yourself

no commitment to book and pay a deposit until you are happy with your itinerary. 



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