December News - USA Tour, Ireland Retreats

Hello everyone

We hope you are having a joyful December, fun packed and not stressful.

John here, writing, and I have been lazy with Yule and Christmas preparations myself. I think I am already celebrating the longer days before they are even happening. Here's why ...

USA Tour, March 30th until April 20th 2015

The format for concerts will be Claire performing her beautiful songs for about two thirds, or three quarters, depending on the venue type, and the rest will be both of us together with excerpts from Ogma's Tale of The Trees and Bathing In The Fae's Breath. I may add fireside

19 concerts and workshops
in CA, OR, WA, ID and NV 
8 house concerts
2 community hall concerts
1 retreat center 
1 hotel
1 wholefood and live food cafe
1 church, a big concert
3 venues unknown yet
2 day workshops

and we are still ooking for host an venue within 50 miles of Monterey on Tuesday March 31st
also for Reno NV on Thursday April 16th. Does anyone have any ideas?

Do click the Event pages, on the schedule, and come and see us :-)

I will be sending out info brochures for each venue in January. 

Ogma's Tale Of The Trees & More

I have been dedicating myself to this work through much of November and this month December. The goal is to get stuff off to printers, music duplicators and e-book publishers by the middle of January. This is why I tend to be avoiding a lot of Yule and Christmas activity this year. Middle of January is really the deadline to have everything ready for the USA tour.

A lot of Bathing In The Fae's Breath has also been pulling together, 12 chapters, and Tales From The Tree Labyrinth, 9 chapters, to create a trilogy from this.

I have been trying out the Flip Book e-book format, which I find is delightful and much better than PDFs online. This is helping me out with format ideas too.

You can discover this work so far by clicking here

Click on the tree titles, there, to see more.

'Find Your Story' 
and other Ireland Retreats

Thinking about 2015 vacations too?

We are serving four different tours and retreat packages of our own.
See what you think

Labyrinth Bealtaine Week - early May
This is a mix of work and play to help us get the tree labyrinth up and running for the summer, and enjoy sites and stories around us. Low cost and a lot of fun.

Bathing In The Fae's Breath - mid August
With Charlene Ray, a small group ptilgrimage tour covering counties, Clare, Galway, Mayo, Sligo, Roscommon, Leitrim, Cavan, Donegal and Tyrone

Breathing Forest and Coast - early September
A four day tour and retreat mix, focused on Tree and Water mythologies, relaxation and adventure. Worth integrating into a longer Ireland vacation.

Find Your Story - early October
A four day retreat for inspiration, authoring and published work all in 4 days! Worth integrating into a longer Ireland vacation.

Add to this exceptional experience tours and retreats from our friends Amy Welinski, Amantha Murphy, Mara Freeman, Dejuana and Tonja Reichley who include visiting us at Carrowcrory in their itineraries.

Click here to discover all of these from my Retreats Page

Claire Roche Concerts

Two special concerts in Ireland to look forward to during 2015

February 13th at the National Concert Hall, Dublin
June 13th, Yeats Day 150th year celebration, with Glynis Casson
on Sandymount Green, South of Dublin.

More details, booking etc., in the early January News.

Bards In The Woods

2015 season starts off March 1st, National Tree Week, in Ireland, at Hazelwood, Sligo ... but more about this in January. There's a lot to take in from this news already.

Woodford House Events

Woodford House looks like being very active through 2015.
I will talk about upcoming events there in the January newsletter

To end a wonderful 2014 ...

Enjoy your Yule, Solstice, Christmas, Hogmanay celebrations, sharing and love.
Claire and I, John the Woodland Bard, wishing you a blessed year through 2015, and we look forward to meeting up with many of you them.


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