The Last Blog Here - But Not The Last Blog

Well into 2015 now and Claire and I, John aka Woodland Bard, wish you a blessed, happy and healthy 2015.

Its been awhile since I have posted blog posts here, and when I do they are general news blogs lately

New Blog ... Almost Daily Blog

This is something I started, I think, January 2nd. Its a great place for me to huddle the news and links of the day relevant to what we do. It certainly contains latest news before it even appears on my other sites and blogs

You can subscribe to it for email delivery too.

Click for the Almost Daily Blog, and look through back issues too

I have posted items related to Sustainable Living, Permaculture, Food Forests, Global Warming, Writing, Poetry, Music, Picnics, Labyrinths, plus some tree and forest stuff.

So please have a look at that 
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Closing This Blog

I do not think I will be posting blog updates here in future.
and now this site will be dedicated to the development of my

'Tales From The Tree Labyrinth' book and recordings

This blog has been around for many years, at least 10 years, and there is a lot of content that I am returning to, updating and re-releasing as e-books, many of them FREE, so please look out for those.


I am not sure if I have changed, matured or 'moved on' but I dedicated 55 years of my life, since being a wee child when I could first read maps, to a fascination for ancient megalithic stone sites and speculation of what happened in and around them. Add to that Ley Lines, alignments, divining, crystals and similar.

Experiences and dreams of the past 4 years have totally altered my perception to sensing these stone 'monuments' as symbols of human creation, control, power and elite. By doing so, we seem to have lost our position as 'guests' on this planet.

For many people it seems reverence, or even respect, for forests, flora, fauna, water, soil and weather has been diluted and perverted.

So for the rest of my days, I intend to be devoted to attention to forests, engagement with biodiversity, and connected to people involved in permaculture, local food, local water, spring wells and protecting our shores.

I still visit and awe some of these megalithic sites, but the 'awe' is really at how the biological diversity has reclaimed back what was once taken from them. You will rarely see me on farms with megalithic sites on them any more. I suppose our local Carrowkeel is an exception, but I am not there as often as I used to be. I tend to be around the forests around Lough Meelagh, Lough Key and Lough Gill more these days.

So, I hope you will continue to 'follow me' through my blogs ...
and through my e-books and audio being published through ...
plus let me know what you are up to as your work and callings may well be worth sharing through the followers of what I distribute.

Thank you so much for your past support to this blog
and look forward to meeting you through my other outlets :-) 


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