Ending September News

Hello everyone.

I have been slow with blogging this past week, but what a wonderful series of Equinox events last week. I will still write them up early next week.

As seems to be flow these days, the first thing coming up after sending this news is Bards In The Woods, including tomorrow, Sunday, 28th September at 2 pm.

Five more Bards In The Woods this year

Tomorrow afternoon, meeting at 2pm, we are going where the Megalithic meets the Trees and where we indulge in mystery. Bards In The Woods are still FREE events this year. Memberships will start up next year.

Through this time enjoy the words, the colour changes, the sharing of identifications, foraging, stories, tree hugs and shared picnic. Current forecast for tomorrow is, 17C, cloudy, and there may be a shower or two late afternoon. Good idea to dress for all weathers.

click here for the Facebook Page for this event,
which includes a custom Google Map link

Other Bards In The Woods this year, through October Sundays
to enjoy the changing autumn fall colours ...

Derrycarne, Co. Leitrim, nr. Dromod
Lough Key Forest, Co. Roscommon, nr. Boyle
Kilronan, World View Peninsula, Co. Roscommon,
Hazelwood, Co. Sligo, Samhain Special

click here for info on the October meet ups

Carrowcrory Retreats 2015

I say retreats, but this also includes slow quality tours in Ireland that spend at least an afternoon, or a day, or a couple of days, with us at Carrowcrory Cottage.

To remind you, around us we have ...

Céis Coarran Caves, now an easier walk and full of tales
Toomour Well Of Vision, also strangely named Kingstone
Carrowkeel Cairns
Fox's Den Pub, home of local White Hag ales
... and good lunches to order too.
Carrowcrory Tree Labyrinth
for mindfulness, visualization, herbs, blessings, wishes
Carrowcrory Thatched Cottage, restored
... with harps, songs, stories, poetry and scones

Opening Spring next year is Lisserlough Retreat Accommodation

For those which to stay around here 3 nights or more.

Maria Duigan, who is setting this up, will be enjoyed by everyone. She has quite a passion for the interests that people come here to explore.

Initially, there are 4 rooms en suite and 4 rooms shared bathroom plus a group meeting room. I gather this will be expanded, soon, to be 9 rooms, all en suite and a larger meeting room. Very quiet beautiful garden and mature native trees.

Special 2015 packages ...
3 days of dinner, bed and breakfast plus activities
starting at €280-€360-£220 per person
and much less if you provide your own transport

I have new brochures and video introduction to produce on all of this
but for now you can look as some basic info with links.

click here for Carrowcrory Retreats details

Also limited Barter Retreats - No Fee !!!

5 days/nights full board at Carrowcrory Cottage
in exchange for 3 days work on Labyrinth/Cottage/Studio
and 2 full days of local touring

Ogma's Tale Of The Trees &
Bathing With The Fae's Breath

It will soon by my serious writing and recording season again,
November, December, January, February.

Final editing of both book and music albums of Ogma's Tales should be completed now fairly quickly, and soon followed by the Bathing In The Fae's Breath book, the second of the trilogy.

So, here's looking forward to meeting up with some of you during the rest of this season's Bards In The Woods, and more of you that travel here and even stay here on Carrowcrory Retreats.


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