Hill Of Tara - Please Help Us Help The Trees

I was writing an explanation blog, but I am not finding the time to complete it. 
So here's an announcement with pics instead. I hope you can assist us ...

There are a pair of hawthorn trees in distress at Hill Of Tara due to being covered in rubbish by visitors and locals alike.

We are meeting for an Event to clear the trees to try and save them, 
as well as have a social craic with performances and picnic.

Meet Up Time is 3:00 pm, tomorrow, Sunday, at the twin Hawthorn Trees, 
seen from the popular Stone Of Destiny on Cormac's Court.

Here's a bit more about the problem ...

Visitors have been misguided about the traditions of these hawthorn trees, 
the Fairy Trees. They have been told that tying personal items to the trees 
will grant them wishes or healing. This is based on an old custom of tying 
prayer rags to trees at Holy Wells.

The original tradition was to attach a piece of biodegradable material with prayer and healing intention. As the material degraded the disease would leave and/or the prayer would be answered.

The twin hawthorns at The Hill Of Tara were healthy up until about 4 years ago. Now they are suffocating under huge amounts of plastic, hair bands, clothing, locks, etc..

More serious is the copper poisoning from the coins that are being hammered into them through a totally misguided interpretation of a tradition. Even worse, recently, has been the attachment of strangling Love Locks.

These twin hawthorns took over as Fairy Trees after an older hawthorn tree 
was almost killed off by the same problem, and is still trying to recover

PLEASE come and help us to free these trees of the rubbish tomorrow, 
Sunday 27th July 3pm. Please bring plastic bags and a scissors.

Also learn more about how to be with these trees with a healing and living prayer tradition that does no harm and could even benefit the tree.

Also, please let everyone you know in Ireland know about this.

There is an Invite Friends button if you click here too.

Lets Free These Trees to be as natural and responsive as this one, also at Tara ...

I hope you can join us tomorrow at the Hill Of Tara, Sunday, 27th July 3 pm

Meet us by the trees. We will not be in the car park waiting for others
as we will want to get on with this task as soon as we arrive.

See you there soon :-)

Who Believes The Fae Are Here
from Bathing In The Fae's Breath

Who believes the fae are here
wihin this tree, do we feel love or fear.
Can they carry our prayers past the moon
to unveil our dreams very soon
Who believes that wonder,
gifts us more than plunder
believes magic is the miracle of truth
and not a potion for eternal youth
Who believes songs of love
are not blessings from above
beyond vision, beyond view
but of voices of those who watch over you
This tree is quiet, where are the fae?
A secret we will unlock today.
Nobody can tell us, nobody can speak
When a fairy ring becomes the forest we seek
When John Atkinson Grimshaw spoke a lot
through riddles and paintings of Lady of Shalott
his whimsy reminds us of his source
'Twas fae who teased him with songs of course
Reminding whitethorn are their favorite trees
So perhaps we could circle the boughs of these:
Foxgloves for thimbles, some Thyme for a treat
Bluebells for their magic and fallen logs for a seat.
If you believe in the Fae and always stay true,
They will always be present and watch over you.
So be kind to their trees
Do not strangle them please.


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