June news 2014

FaceFest at Charleville Castle

On Summer Solstice day of Saturday, 21st June, 2014, at 4 pm

Claire Roche,and myself, John aka Woodland Bard, will be performing at
FaceFest Festival at Charleville Castle, SW of Tullamore, Co. Offaly Ireland.
We will be in the ballroom there, apparently among the set used for filming
Mary Queen of Scots.

There is no separate ticket to see us, because this is a festival.
The entire festival day to include all I will tell you about here costs a
measly €15 per person, but its not measly when considering this is all
voluntary to help get more funds in to preserve this beautiful castle.

click here for a PDF about public transport to FaceFest, with timetables

The next day I host Bards In The Woods which will be at the Charleville Forest

First, lets look at Charleville Castle with a lovely pic of the wooded entrance.

Then along the long driveway we come to the front of the castle, which is this.

as featured on just about every ghosthunting and haunted house television series, particularly in the USA.

Well it is all going to turn into this

If you would like to book your tickets right now before looking at more

click here to order your €15 tickets online now

This festival has a limit of 500 people I believe.

If you click to read more there are maps, directions, what's on and where. It would be lovely to meet you there. At present the weather forecast is looking good.

click here to read more ...


Bards At Glendalough Woods & Wells

On Saturday, 28th June, we are having quite a special Bards In The Woods Meet Up at Glendalough, focused on both the Native Tree Woods there and a couple of the Holy Wells.

This event is inspired and facilitated by members of Irish Well Hunters'. They recently uncovered an ancient well at Reefert Church Glendalough.

We will meet at the Labyrinth near the Glendalough Visitor's Centre at 2:00 pm on Saturday 28th June.

From here we will visit the well known Kevin's Well, then walk the Green Road to Reefert Church, and visit the well that was recently discovered here.

This is a similar itinerary that many people turned up for during our torrential rain meet up in March 2013 - the worst rain ever for a Bards In The Woods, yet we enjoyedone of our best turnouts. This time we meet in summer.

Of course, we will share poems, stories and harp music there. Do bring your own favourite words, especially those written by yourselves, and share with us.

The we have a great craic with our shared Picnic.

Yes, please join with us there :-)

click here to read more ...


Invocation Within The Glen

I left home during a thunderstorm and lashings of rain to arrive at the entrance of The Glen west of Sligo in warm sunshine and dry everywhere.

I was excited though, and could not wait to go in. Once in The Glen today, this was it!

And there's some folks waiting for us :-)

We made our greetings, hand shakes and hugs

I read out Robin Williamson's 'Invocation',
as it seemed we needed to call on something to unite us.

It sort of worked as we went into lively conversations as if we were long lost friends who knew each other and could not wait to share with others.

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The Middle Earth Glen Experience

The Glen, below Knocknarea, west of Sligo Town is a seemingly very magical place to visit. On arrival it is a total senses aroused wonder.

Finding it, for the first time, can be a bit tricky.

A lot of people looking this up will see pics of the entrance like this ...

but those gates are gone and the hawthorns etc. have grown rampantly.

This article introduces The GlenI much more than my recent visit article. It also serves directions to The Glen through pictures and Google Map.

click here to read more ...


Bards N'The Woofs At Lough Key Forest

That's Esta, Dorothy's guide dog ... more about them later :-)

Part of today's experience was to see how the new Boyle Town to Lough Key Forest bus service was going to work out. Arriving at Lough Key Forest Park at 12:20,

With an hour and half before anyone else arrives, I wanted to see how the Camping Ground was like here now. Do click through the link to see what I discovered

At 2 pm people and dogs arrived for Bards In The Woods here.

I believe it was 12 adults and 6 dogs.

We set off and first stop, enter into the wonder of the Cedar trees

click here to read more ...


Misty Megaliths in Cavan Burren's Forest

There was just no knowing how this day was going to be

There had been a surprising amount of interest in this event, which I thought would be one of our events of the year, especially for curiosity value. Weather forescast was very yo-yo. On arrival a mist was falling.

Well here we are, and the new plaque tells us we are at 'Cavan Burren Park'

So we step inside, and I'm drawn straight to the dolmen in a spaceship

a close up of this ...

When 19 adults and 4 or 5 dogs had arrived, we set off up the hill into the mist

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A Stop Of At St. Hugh's

On the way home from Cavan Burren it's quite a tradition for me to
stop off at St. Hugh's, Leitrim, quite close to Drumshambo just off of the Dowra to Drumshambo road.

Here we can visit St. Hugh's Well

and St. Hugh's Sweathouse

Approaching the Sweathouse is very pretty any time of the year.

This is a grand picnic area too.

And a place to take lovely portrait pics of friends.

click here to read more ...


So, until July News, enjoy your Solstice time, no matter which part of the globe you live on :-)




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