World Labyrinth Day 2014

Its has become quite a tradition to have World Labyrinth Day
on the first Saturday of May.

Here's Tony Christie's logo for Labyrinths of Ireland

The tradition is Walk As One at 1 pm in the country you are in.

As usual there was nobody here at Carrowcrory at 1 pm GMT.

I was quite thankful really as the cottage was not exactly welcoming at that time and it was drizzling hard outside.

2 pm, and the drizzle was lifting, but nobody had arrived yet. By this time I had the cottage in some sort of order, and quite a bit of food prepared for visitors too.

2:30 pm, Claire Roche had arrived, but did not take out her harp yet. She was relieved to have a bit of quiet and do some odd jobs around the cottage while I made more food and snacks and got a turf fire going in the hearth.

3:30 pm and our first people arrived, Bridget and Andy, who I think may have been anticipating the 4 pm Walk ... but the tea, the snack and the chat went past that.

Bridget brought some lovely cake and some excellent home made rhubarb jam, a relive as I had run out of decent jam for the scones. Anyway, No 4 pm Labyrinth Walk.

5:00 pm, local woman Claire arrived with her daught after doing a drum workshop and daughter from horse riding. Numbers were increasing fast :-)

Then half hour later another neighbour Jane, a local artist, appeared and it was strange to think she had not visited here for 6 years. Great to see her, see everyone here.

Claire had to return to Dublin pronto so off to the hearth we went. Alas, I had not keep the fire going, but it was warm. After a couple of songs from Claire on her Irish folk harp and a couple from Ogma's Tale Of The Trees,

Claire had to leave and we went to the labyrinth
7:00 pm was the time now, so it was really One at 1 pm, CST, Central Time USA :-)

At this time it was dry, warm and we could see Céis Coarran mountain again.

After everyone had had their labyrinth time we went through our Cuinas Talking Stick ritual and each person told their story of their labyrinth journey. As usual, very remarkable stories. This part always amazes me as it truly shows how everyone can be exceptional Bards.

A bit more tea and chat ... and farewells.

Small group, but amazingly precious, and local too.


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