Attracta's Well still needs love and TLC

Travelling back from Mayo for a brief bit of Carrowcrory time I thought I would check out How the damaged Attracta's well was doing.

Not much change really ...


Some attempted tidy up but I suppose a mix of caution and gaining support would slow things here ...

This well is outside of the village of Monasteraden beside Lough Gara on the way to Ballaghaderreen. It's is on the Co. Sligo and Co. Roscommon borders.

This must have one of the most amazing holy well Ballaun stones though ... lets the imagination run wild.


The bathing and water collection area does not look too bad though.


Also someone has recently put together a wee container garden here, a local Airmid :)


St. Attracta is said to have been a teacher of Brighid of Kildare in her early teens in this area around what is now called Lough Gara.

From here there is a River Brideog that goes to Lough Mask, which is close the the two tree blogs I have written recently.








  1. Rosaleen Durkin3/21/2014 8:46 p.m.

    There is another St Attractas Well near Charlestown...the well is clean and covered but the surrounding area needs to be tidied up..i have the history of st attracta on irish well hunters facebook group..will look it up for you...

    1. Yes, that is great and I hope Charleston people rally to maintain this. The Monasteraden one was great for a long time, so sad to see it fall apart now. Brideog's Attracta's Well was once well kept and lovely water ... But now it has almost disappeared. Sad.


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