Ireland's Tree Week 2014 & 9 other recent stories

The Sound of Trees'
'Fuaim na gCrann'

That is the National Tree Week of Ireland theme this year, which I find is potentially beautiful.

Yes, National Tree Week is upon us again, due to start Sunday 2nd March, but one or two events have chosen Saturday 1st March.

Each year the Tree Council of Ireland rustle up volunteers throughout all 26 counties of the Republic Of Ireland to register and arrange local activities connected to trees and forests.

The activities most promoted are tree planting, as this is coming to the end of the bare root tree planting season, education about trees to include identification, and relationships to fungi, shrubs, flowers, mammals, birds, insects and ourselves.

This is also a time to reflect on how trees, woods and forests are vital for our life and survival and how our own well being and health protection is made possible by being among trees, tree medicine.

This year, the main them reflects on the 'music' of tree, which opens opportunity to express in many inspired and creative ways.

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Forest Mindfulness

Mindfulness seems to be a fast spreading word and practice around holistic, healing and medical circles around Ireland as well as around the world.

Looking into what Mindfulness instructors teach and guide, I have discovered that what they do seems to connect very closely to what we do and encourage through Bards In The Woods and at our Native Tree Labyrinth here at Carrowcrory Cottage. I explore this further because no matter what we call it, this practice seems to be very essential for us.

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Eco Eye - Woodlands

I enjoyed a episode of Eco Eye presented by Duncan Stewart about Irish Woodlands

The video notes say "In ancient Ireland, trees were revered and worshiped, the price of chopping one down was severe, so why has this love and respect of our natural woodlands not survived?"

This wonderful video, on the page this page links to, looks at the efforts of those trying to save and even restore our native woodlands and along with it the biodiversity that thrived for thousands of years in these magical places.

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The Harp in Irish Mythology

A lovely wee introduction to the harp in Irish Mythology here by Ali Isaac. I find this indeed covers the most important main myths very well

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The Ancient Race that ruled Ireland with a Harp

A lovely easy to follow telling of Dagda and his harp here. Usually when I hear this story the harp is made of rowan, sometimes yew, and sometimes the tuning pegs are oak.

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The Last King of Pictland

Jimi McRae, a terrific piper based in Edinburgh, a biker and piper together really, has just come out with his latest work and seems to be an intimate journal reflecting through music some things he has talked about and done recently.

There a lot of rocking bagpipe music here, kicking off with this ...

... and there is also some surprising absorbing reflection on ancient mythology that allows Jimi to take the bagpipes in barrier breaking directions such as through the very ancient Piobaireachd.

Jimi also likes extreme contemporaries such as the work of Scott Walker and I find that comes out in the mood of one or two tracks here too, breaking more barriers of what you may expect to pour from bagpipes.. Hard to tell its all composed by the same man. Here bagpipes are played !!!

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The Irish Wolfhound in Mythology and History

Fascinating about Irish Wolfhounds, may have come to Ireland as early as 7000 BC, could be a reason for survival of humans due to their hunting and killing skills.

Their handlers would have not gone hungry. Maybe says something about the various Cú legends and especially legends of chieftains and warriors named Cú Faoil when conflicting with chieftains and warriors named Cú Fáel, but the words seem too similar to me, and somehow I do not think these dogs were actually called "wolfhounds" until the 16th century. Sad that most do not make it to 10 years old and death at 6 years old could be quite normal.

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Where the Celts came from?

Have some fun with this introduction to 8 nations of celticdom. I find this to be a bit of an over clean cut presentation but very interesting just the same.

For food, when it comes to Ireland's listing it starts off with beer and whiskey, but where is the soda bread lads? With Scotland whisky is at the end, but where are stovies and mince n'tatties? Still its good to have this feature than no feature at all. I am sure many of you will enjoy this :-)

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Dream Weddings at Newgrange?

Who's going to get married at Newgrange?

New options for wedding venues opening up in Ireland.

Finally, this weekend is also Ted Fest weekend :-)

While some of us in Ireland are heading to the forests of Ireland for Tree Week this weekend, a bunch more will Feck Off for Drink, Arse, Nuns and Cups Of Tea at Ted Fest on the Arran Isles.

If some of you have forgotten, perhaps this is a reminder.

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