Our December 2013 News

Hello everyone, its been awhile since sending you some news

What are Claire and I doing? ...

Since last writing to you I have been very busy with Bards In The Woods, writing Ogma's Tale Of The Trees, and drafts are also ready for Bathing In The Fae's Breath and Tales From The Labyrinth, so all of this will become a trilogy.

Claire has been working with me to record and Ogma's Tale Of The Trees musical, I suppose we can call it.

Claire is also working on her upcoming untiled CD of songs with piano, and continues to perform with her harps to groups at both Woodford House in Dublin and Carrowcrory Cottage in Co. Sligo

For those of you visiting Ireland we still offer our very popular Afternoon At Carrowcrory

We are also setting up Live From Woodford House performances through Concert Window

So allow me tell you more about these ...


Ogma's Tale Of The Trees ...


Written and recorded, I am now busy editing both a 200 page book and 120 minutes of audio of the musical version of Ogma's Tale. Release of both should be soon.

For those of you not familiar with this project, Ogma's Tale Of The Trees is inspired by the creation of the ancient Ogham, Ogam, alphabet. I

You can read more about this on my web site of my Ogm'a Tale Of The Trees work-notes.

click here for my Ogma's Tale Of The Trees site.

As I mentioned, this is the first of a trilogy, the other two being Bathing In The Fae's Breath and Tales From The Labyrinth. From these will be a series of performances, workshops and guided tours offered.

Together they are a reverence for our native trees, wildlife, sacred water springs, holy wells and sea shores, and the many mythologies that have been attached to them since ancient times.

so, click here for my Ogma's Tale Of The Trees site.


Bards In The Woods


Each Sunday from the beginning of March until the end of October we meet in Forests in the afternoon with three things in mind to connect us together.

We help each other to identify the trees, plants, mosses and wildlife in the woods, and teach each other to forage too.

We gather together for a shared picnic and encourage this to be sourced locally as much as we can.

We share words through stories, poetry and songs to give a support to both performance and listening as a kind of equal fellowship. Everyone is a friend here at this time.

Read more about this, what we have done, where we have been and where we will be in 2014.

click here for the Bards In The Woods site


Afternoon At Carrowcrory Cottage


Our afternoons at Carrowcrory Cottage were very popular, and thank you, yes thank you for all of the compliments those who visited us left us. I will have to set up a new testimonials page :-) ... things said like travelling with the sidhe, cozy cottage, enchantment, and how fairy delicious Claire's scone are.

These are on Monday to Friday afternoons from beginning of March until end of October, starting with lunch at our local Foxes Den pub, a storytelling session at the base of Céis Coarran mountain and caves, visit to our local well of visions, introduction to my tree labyrinth, a tea and scones session to share labyrinth experiences and completed with a performance of Claire Roche with songs, stories, and harps by the hearth under the thatch of our cottage.

When we are asked these are extended into full days and multi day retreats, courses and tours with transport, accommodation and meals arranged as desired.

An 8 Day, 'Be A Bard' retreat and local touring is being considered for June 8th to 15th. Please let me know who is interested. Maximum 7 people.

I still have to put up a new web site of Afternoon (or longer) At Carrowcrory.

For now please click here and message me your interest


Live From Woodford House


Claire now has fast broadband at Woodford House that enable us to be able to present live broadcasts of concerts and presentations which we intend to commence from early January.

We will be performing Ogma's Tale Of The Trees through this, Claire will introduce a concert of her songs with piano and some very popular world celebrated singer harpists have forwarded interest in this service too. Its a very exciting project coming up.

Future newsletters will include announcements about these.

Click here for something from a past performance at Woodford House


Midwinter & Midsummer Blessings


I think that is enough for this news.

Unlike most communications during this month I do not have any special offers for you or any 'Buy Now" urgency.

As I believe this may be the only news from me this month, unless we pull something very special, Claire and I warmly wish you wonderful festivities, gatherings, sharings, forgiveness, love, peace and the best of health through the various ways our friends celebrate through this mid winter time here in the North and midsummer time in the South.

Click here for some songs and story I did at Midwinter Yule 2009



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