Following Celtic Ways On Facebook

It has been awhile since I have posted a blog here.

The main reason has been me allocating less time on updating all kinds of social networking tools and services we have offered to us.

For popularity of the content I share, Facebook has well and truly won.

On Facebook I have been getting between 10 and 50 new fans every day so it has become a priority audience where I share Notes, Photos, Video Clips, Links, Event notices and post comments.

I will still post here on this blog a few times a year
but for new daily content I create, publish and share, I am using the Facebook Notes blogging service.

Facebook Notes does not have the formatting bells and whistles of Blogger or WordPress but does seem to get the attention of many more people.

I look forward to you joining with me there and sharing news and content as it happens.

John of Celtic Ways at Carrowcrory Cottage


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