2010 USA Tour : April 9th, Sauk City WI

Circledogand we stayed on in Circle Sanctuary for awhile

Waking to the warm morning sun in Circle Sanctuary was quite exhilarating. Selena had given us maps of the property, Claire was sleeping in, so I went to explore the many shrines and ceremony sites around this huge wooded and natural reserve.

I returned to the beautiful stone circle and onto the beautiful dog shrine where there were three large brown deer, but they were gone the moment I touched my camera. I could not stalk them as they were very close to me when I spotted them.

I then took myself down the “secret” pathway from the stone circle to pass many more hidden shrine for different rituals in very hidden places. Quite an adventure.

When Claire arose, she decided to take the same walk for herself which i continued some more blog writing.

About noon, Selena invited us to her house for lunch, another warming experience, again seeing many more birds of different colours from her living room window.

After lunch we shared a sacred visit to a hanging rock, a sacred place of native Americans, and it certainly had a calm and sacred feel. Selena gave us sage for sharing prayers, thoughs and blessings here. It reminded me of the hanging rock of Cheaha Park in Alabama and places in Australia close to the aborigines. The spirit presence and sharing was the same, and certainly enhanced by the warmth and sun of this day.

Alas we had another gig to get to, another one we were looking forward to so we had to leave. Selena returned us to the Circle Sanctuary Barn to show us her store of cds, books and literatures. Then very hard farewells and back on the road, this time to Lodi.


Our camp site for the night was Smokey Hollow near Lodi WI . We were here last year and loved it. A peaceful wooded and ornate campsite that is truly a resort with incredible facilities for a camp site such as its beautiful sandy shored lake, optional boats from around the world and games. The resort if full of traditional fames courts, covered wagons, animals, resting places …..

Last year it was settled snow both nights we were here, but for this day and night we enjoyed here in warm sun. Very little was open as we were the only travelling campers though some people were renting cabins, yurts and static trailers.

Saukonto Sauk City

This is largely a re-union of travellers of a tour we served in Ireland three years ago, people who have become close friends since, and they bring their friends along too. Some of the people of the tour could not make it this time, but it was still a wonderful gathering of around 60 people I think. This included three members of the family group Wrannock, of Mike, Lisa and the multi talented young Angus. Wonderful music to kick off the concert.

The venue is a Unitarian Church, a beautiful building. Marita arranged wonderful welcoming reception catering and Bob set up the best sound system we have had on this tour. Simple sound system, but sounded magic. This is a venue that needs PA.

Marita performed a lovely union and chanting song to open the second set that truly set the tone for the rest of the event.

Surprisingly I did not take any photos of this day so I’ll have to share one from last year here

and after show celebration

After the Sauk City show we were led away to a nearby village with a German style pub, I forget the village name and pub, where we enjoyed sharing an “all you can eat” fish fry and drinks with former travellers and friends.

This rounded off another incredible visit to Sauk City. We’ll be back.


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