2010 USA Tour : April 7th, South Sioux City NE

NEback on the freeway and highways

From Paxton it is a continuation of the flat plained, flat field scenery, with freeway straight ahead of us and over the horizon. This can be very difficult driving due to the minimal distractions. Our main distraction was the ice on the road, though once past the town of North Platte all signs of ice and snow were fully gone and the day was warming fast. Our new challenge was the strongest winds yet on this tour, 25 to 30 mph and gusting up to 40 mph.

We were delighted to be off the freeway, past Grand Island and be on Highway 30 then 81 taking us through Nebraska farmland and the small towns that support this world. Route 81 was a special relief as it travels north against the strong winds of this day and made driving a bit easier than the side winds on the freeway.

We stopped off for lunch in the sun in a pleasant park outside Norfolk NE, but then it was soon battling the side winds again on Route 20 into South Sioux City.

Route 20? We were back on the Lewis and Clarke Trail again.

South Sioux City Library

Wonderful to arrive in sun and warmth. Good to see Dan Nieman at the library again.

This turned out to be our most intimate performance. Four people turned up.

We were advised it was a combination of being church day, first good weather for some time and a number of possibilities, but low turnouts like these do happen for reasons really unknown and certainly not caused by unpopularity of the artist and venue.

We carried on the show as for anyone else and the four folks attending did seem to enjoy themselves a lot.

After the show it was off to North Sioux City campground, which we enjoyed last year, where the warm sunny day returned to a bitter cold night, but no snow.


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