2010 USA Tour : April 12th, to Chicago

Campertime to let go

Early morning departure, a lot to do this morning. This is the day to hand back both the harp and the RV.

Sunny, but a little sad morning with the realization this tour is coming to an end. About 50 miles before Chicago we stopped off at a truck stop to send the RV into a thorough wash while we had a diner breakfast.

We believed the harp was to be dropped at Joliet but found there was new instructions to drop it off in Chicago north. That was an interesting experience, unloading in a narrow Chicago street but that happened without a hitch. We were lucky to pull in where a large truck was pulling out.

Next stop was Crystal Lake to pick up a rented car for the remaining days here. No problems there.

Now off to nearby Island Lakes to drop off the RV.

Ouch! The extra charges accumulated from the rental took all of the cash we had left from the tour and left us with nothing for our Chicago stay. We considered taking the car rental back, but that was such a good online deal and we discovered alternatives would cost us the same anyway and be less convenient.

As we left the RV depot we both shed a few tears as we once more passed our wonderful home of the past 4.5 weeks

Both Claire and I managed to get small amounts from our ATMs to have some experience of Chicago.

Northsideoff to Chicago to play

The RV drop off was about 90 minutes north of Chicago. We headed for a Starbucks with wi-fi to plan our Chicago stay, looking for low cost, reasonable looking and central accommodation.

On arriving I was not aware of the car parking situation. We landed in accommodation in Northside and later discovered south side car parking was half the cost of north side,, but we were tried and went for what we could.

It was a warm evening and the lure to explore a bit was in us. We headed toward the lake shore, but did not quite make it. We found a small Italian cafe and i though i would dive into a deep dish pizza. They did not do these !! Instead we had Sicilian crust pizza and a couple of salads. Cozy cafe with lovely low pricing for high quality food.

The day finished with an early night to sleep. Despite the reputation of Chicago never sleeping, it had gone pleasantly quiet where we were staying.


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