2010 USA Tour : Pick Up RV and off to Jacksonville

Camper2Fri, March 12th :
Its raining and TV tells us to stay indoors

Folks are not so early for breakfast here in Naples this morning. Maybe they did party hard last night. 7:30 am and only dribbles of people here for breakfast since 6:00 am.

The TV in the dining room is telling us of impending fierce thunder storms accompanied by 50 and 60 mph winds. TV is telling everyone to stay inside and away from windows this morning. Help, we have to leave shortly to pick up our rented RV so we can reach Jacksonville FL on time this evening. You’ll read on to see what happened ……

RV Pick Up

As we rolled out of Naples towards Fort Myers the strong wind and torrential rain hit us, instantly flooding the roads Florida style, but no thunderstorms and lightning.

At Fort Myers, the RV centre was easy to find, but they had lost our booking. That took about 30 minutes to sort out because the agent had set up our rented vehicle, but could not find the booking on the computer. Of course we wondered what information he had gathered to set up the vehicle for us initially.

Despite this additional scare, our new home for the next 4 weeks is absolutely superb. It much better than the vehicle rented last year, more comfort, more storage, and even a place to serve as unique storage for the harp. Claire and I are thrilled with this motorhome.

Fortunately the rain stopped while we loaded up, but rain and storms returned with vigour.

To Jacksonville FL

Tough driving indeed, through this wildest weather but once North of Ocala the wind and rain stilled to provide an easy remaining journey.

The motorhome is very easy to drive though it does seem to be a bigger gas guzzler than last year’s which concerns us a bit.

Jacksonville, we arrived about 20 minutes late due to hold up through Tampa area, but it was great to meet up and share with friends. Wish we saw where they lived in daylight, a beautiful area of North Jacksonville.

Our day finished in the KOA campsite in Kingland GA, almost an hour’s drive north from Jacksonville. Cannot tell you anything about the site. Its 1:00 am and we flop to sleep.


  1. Best Wishes on your journeys! We look forward to your evening of songs, harp, and stories on Thursday, April 8 at 7 pm at Circle Sanctuary Nature Preserve, near Barneveld, Wisconsin! We have a webpage up now: http://www.circlesanctuary.org/events/celtic_dreamtime/


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