2010 USA Tour : March 20th, Sherwood Forest Faire

Sherrif2To Texas

We set off promptly at 7:00 am but a slight mechanical problem at the start held us back about 30 minutes. Weather as we departed was lovely, sunny and warm and with anticipation of a good day ahead.

Alas, as we approached Houston TX, the horizon sky was a doom defined straight line of jet back sky as if a weather person had placed it there. Once under that line the heavens opened with intense rain.

That rain lasted until we were about 50 miles north of Houston. As we were approaching Paige, the small town near where the Sherwood Forest Faire was hosted, a ray of sun gave us hope.

Sherwood Forest Faire

Oh dear, the sun welcome was short lived and was replaced with cloudy sky and an extremely cold bitter wind which motivated people to leave rather than stay around.

We optimistically took the harp and props to the stage, but rounding up an audience was a near impossible task. If we had a fire pit beside the stage we would have won the day, because the people who stayed settled at events that had fire pits, but we could not get a place in those events. The icy air must have been near or below freezing. I doubt if Claire’s fingers could have moved over the harp if she had tried.

The faire is quite remarkable though with its fantasy of fairies, goblins, dragons, heroism and passion. I found it a little strange that all this is done through a “ye olde England” theme. However, though this fantasy it does remind how rural England was suppressed, bullied by land agents and sheriffs, bullied by churches, starved, and diseased just like Scotland, Ireland and Wales.

I wish we could have stayed another day as the forecast for tomorrow, Sunday, is gorgeous. We are wondering if our Sunday gigs in Austin will be low attended, because folks had decided to go to Sherwood Faire.

Zane who seems to arrange the logistics was very warm, friendly and helpful. We hit off an immediate friendship by both being keen Robin Williamson fans. A lot of folks around the faire were very nice to us. Despite the hostile weather of the day spirits were high, fund was had and kindness in abundance. Despite not performing being there at Sherwood Forest Faire was a priceless experience.

I did have wonderful fish n’chips there, Claire loved the wine she found there and we bought a beautiful show and studio backcloth at a wonderful bargain price.

I hope we get back to this Faire again one day, nestled beautifully in a natural pine woods, so, so perfect, and quite vast. Though we did not get the opportunity to perform, I believe we will look back at Sherwood Forest Faire as being one of the highlights of our tour.

Bastrop Forest Park

Our camping home for the night, just 10 miles away from Sherwood Forest Park and more towards Austin. A beautiful park, one of the best, if not the best we have stayed in throughout the USA so far.

Totally full up, so I am glad we booked in advance, yet all camp sites are very private with their own woodland setting, excellent well maintained electric, water and sewer services, private hidden picnic table and lovely open camp fire pit with a supply of logs beside it.

A wonderful relaxed finished to what turned out to be a lovely day, despite the weather.


  1. I caught up on all your blog entries this morning while listening to the Irish and Celtic Podcast.This is great storytelling, John.
    Thank you

  2. sounds just lovely...


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