2010 USA Tour : March 19th, Haeuseur's Hotel Louisiana

JamieAbout Haeuseur’s Hotel

Not a public hotel, but always seems to have a lot of residents and people passing by, largely connected with the southern Renaissance Festivals. Its also like a permanent audience.

Claire and I had plans for being tourists in New Orleans, something we have not yet done on our visits here, but instead we chose to relax.

Relaxing Louisiana Style

We both arrived here quite tired last night so its a very welcome day to keep living simple and enjoy all that is around us. Its a fabulous warm sunny dry day here, hot but not uncomfortable.

It has been a time to sort through our things in the RV, catch up on laundry and catch up on some online things. Generous time out for lunch outdoors on the porch and watching the many red cardinals was a huge treat.

It was good to briefly meet Marc Gunn on a quick errand here before returning to New Orleans. He was full of good news and will be performing here tonight too.

Claire is just practising “Hold On” on Jamie’s piano and it sounds incredible. I hope she performs that tonight. I have only seen her perform that song at a concert once, and we have that on YouTube.

The Concert Evening

We discovered our event competed with several other events, which is quite common when we are booked on a Friday or Saturday, so our audience was smaller than last year, but still a lovely audience and an intimate performance night. Both Claire and I did not perform as well as other nights, though the audience may not have measured it this way, though Claire performed one of her best “To A Child Dancing In The Wind” renditions, despite being hesitant to do this.

Marc Gunn and Jamie provided a wonderful follow up show together with several songs I had not heard Marc perform before. Marc singing “Peggy Gordon” was a huge highlight. I’ve heard Tony Cuffe and Dick Gaughan sing this well, but Marc superseded their versions.

The evening followed with fun packed eats, bonfire and marshmallow smores. The event finished quite early as everyone had to be up early for some reason, including ourselves up at 6:00 am to head off early for Texas.

Leaving with many thanks and gratitude for Jamie and Bob allowing us space, and freedom of their wonderful home, land and hospitality for the day.


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